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The Trace – Live on WKDU

Late 80’s Power Pop/Punk band the Trace live on WKDU 91.7 fm. There were 2 tapes not sure if all of it went over the air or not. The Trace were Arofan Gregory (Bass, Lead Vocals, Artwork), Jake Coffin (Drums, Backing Vocals) & Benjamin Whitten (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Thanks for the Tapes Diego.

Tape One

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
12 – Unknown
13 – Unknown
14 – Unknown

Tape Two

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
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Rotgut on the Radio

Rotgut live on WKDU in 1990 &  WFMU in 1991.
Thanks for the tapes – Bill & Jackie

Live on WKDU 1/23/90 – Jackie Zahn’s show

01 – Hellbent
02 – Quit the World
03 – Rotgut
04 – 65 at 22
05 – White Castle Sunrise
06 – Hit the Rond
07 – The Stooge
08 – Intermission
09 – No Way Home
10 – Trigger Happy
11 – Stiff Neck
12 – Ain’t Nothin to Do
13 – Outro
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Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program

00 – Intro
01 – Rotgut
02 – Kill Your Boss
03 – Trigger Happy
04 – Smash TV
05 – Hell Bent
06 – Quit the World
07 – AWOL for Life
08 – White Castle Sunrise
09 – Catfight
10 – Drink Yourself to Death
11 – Fun and Games Attitude
12 – No Way Home
13 – Everyone’s an Asshole
14 – Stiff Neck
15 – Gas Chamber
16 – Steak Knife
17 – Outro
18 – AWOL for Life
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The Unloved

“Mr. Unloved is an underground veteran. With a hilarious collection of songs about necrophilia, unfaithful women and voodoo borrows from the Nighthawks-era Tom Waits/Screamin’ Jay Hawkins playbook, complete with props, producing blazing packets of flash powder from his tacky jacket for especially poignant moments during the show. He’s a true busker in the best sense of the word–total showbiz, but with generosity, joy and warmth.” – Lord Whimsy

For more Unloved check out Mr Unloved Facebook page
& Reverb Nation Page

This is a 1990 – 2 song demo tape from the Unloved.
A – Love Elegy.mp3
B – Beer Muscles.mp3

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Contents Under Pressure

Contents Under Pressure 7 inch compilation from Rotten House Records in 1998 with 4 Bands: The Syphilitics (Cincinnati Ohio), The Piss Shivers (Boyertown), Just A Product ( Varna, Bulgaria) & The Fux (Lehigh Valley.).
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Syphilitics-1150 W. 8th (Usa).mp3
02 – Piss Shivers-P.C. Intolerance (Usa).mp3
03 – Just a Product-Youll Have to Understand (Bulgaria).mp3
04 – Fux-Nothing New I Can Say (Usa).mp3

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Wishniaks Live on WKDU 1989

Wishniaks Live on WKDU from sometime in 1989 on Jackie’s show.

It was a very long time ago. It may have been our first performance for radio. I know we were psyched to be there. I remember the headphone mix sounding nothing like us and was a bit thrown by that. We played everything really fast, or sped up during tunes, which was kind of our m.o. Nice to hear what Jim Hostetter was doing on guitar and vocals. We always made such a racket live that I could never really tune in to what he was doing. This set is the band after our first e.p. came out and we were getting songs and our chops together for recording our album in Spring of ‘90. “Left in the Dark” is a cover of the Vertebrats. – except for the Vertebrats cover, all words and music by me, publishing: Bang Quack Music. Hostetter took some lyrical liberties live a la Westerberg. – Andrew Chalfen

Wishniaks were Andrew Chalfen (Trolleyvox, I Think Like Midnight) – Guitar, David Frank – Drums, James B. Moran – Bass & Jim Hostetter – Guitar & Vocals.

Thanks for the tape Jackie & for Andrew for making the files sound better.

01 – One Eye Open
02 – Monterey
03 – Day to End All Days
04 – Chatting – Prior to Summertime
05 – Summertime
06 – 6am
07 – Double Taking
08 – Distraction
09 – Marcys Gone
10 – Marianne Faithfull
11 – Point of No Return
12 – Left in the Dark
13 – She Gets You
14 – One Eye Open -Practice
15 – Distraction – Practice

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Latimer – Demo Tape

Latimer was a fixture on the local scene in the mid-1990s, thanks to frequent live shows and tape, 7 inch releases plus later a pair of memorable albums on the World Domination record label.
The band — which at various times included singer/guitarist Geoff Doring (who sadly passed away in 2005) – bassist Dylan Cotton – drummer Rob Sherman – guitarist/singer Rich Fravel (Uptown Bones, Mt Vengeance, Ashtabula, Blue) and guitarist Kevin Morpurgo (Dandelion).

This is an early 6 song demo tape called Ted Morgan Muscle Car in the band at this time was Rich, Dylan, Geoff & Spidey. There are little excerpts of music in between the songs.

A1 – Carolida
A1-2 – Inbetween Music
A2 – Why Should I
A2-2 – Inbetween Music
A3 – Finger
A3-2 – Inbetween Music
B1 – Once
B1-2 – Inbetween Music
B2 – Stabs the Reason
B2-2 – Inbetween Music
B3 – Elixir
B3-2 – Inbetween Music

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demo back cover

Pedestrian Angels

Pedestrian Angels included Sam Steinig on Keyboards and Vocals, Eddie Beinlich on Drums, Henry on Vocals and Harmonica, Leonard on Bass and Rainy Orteca on Guitar. The band didn’t actually have an official name but Pedestrian Angels was one that was suggested and considered. They practiced in the basement of the Big Brothers Big Sisters building on N.13th Street where some of the members worked and where this practice was recorded. Pedestrian Angels only existed for two and a half months, in 1988, and never played a live show. In 1992 Sam and Eddie would start the band Mondo Topless. After Pedestrian Angles, Rainy played in the Philly bands Baby Flamehead and Gimme before moving to Brooklyn where she played bass for Joan Osbourne in 1995 and since 2004 can be heard playing bass in the band Joan As Police Woman.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Practice Track One
02 – Practice Track Two
03 – Practice Track Three

MediaFire Zip of all files

Note: I didn’t have any kind of image for this post so I made a wings of desire (angels) pedestrian sign – this is nothing anyone in the band had anything to do with

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