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Yeezhak (ЇЖАК)

If you are in Philly and want to keep track of what is going on to Protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine join Philly Stands with Ukraine fb group.

YEEZHAK is a Philly-based rock group, which performs in Ukrainian and English. Musical influences include American indie, kiwi-rock, alternative noise and classic Stones.

The Ukrainian-langauge texts featured in YEEZHAK songs come from poems written by contemporary Ukrainian poets as well as from Ukrainian folklore.


Mark Andryczyk – guitars, vocals
Yaryna Yakubyak – keyboards, vocals, percussion
Roger Bodine – bass
Christian Hayes – drums

YEEZHAK in 2022 is part of an Ukrainian-American music project, which has existed for over 25 years, uniting musicians in the US and Ukraine in creative collaborations.


Phase 1

YEEZHAK  was formed by Mark Andryczyk (Raze, Underraga, Kavune) in 1995 as a project involving musicians from Philly and Lviv, Ukraine.  In 1996 Andryczyk recorded the Album Sveter (Sweater) at Galvox Studios in Lviv together with musicians from the legendary Lviv rock groups Mertvyi Piven (Dead Rooster [Oleh “John” Suk, Yaryna Yakubyak, Roman Chaika, Misko Barbara, Liubko Futorskyi]) and Plach Yeremii (Jeremiah’s Cry [Taras Chubai, Sashko Kamenetskyi]).  Music for the album was written by Mark Andryczyk while the words belong to contemporary Ukrainian poets Viktor Neborak and Yuri Andrukhovych, as well as 1930s poet Bohdan-Ihor Antonych, among others. The laregly acoustic album, prominently featuring viola and sopilka (fife), was presented at live performances in Ukraine.

In 1998 the second Yeezhak album Vulkanizatsiia (Vulcanization), presenting a harder, noisier sound, was recorded at Lviv’s Studio Leva with the support of the Dzyga Art Association.  Featuring the same musicians as on the Sveter recording, plus Vulkanizatsiia’s producer Andriy Piatakov on drums for one track, and the poetry of Ivan Malkovych, Kostiantyn Moskalets, Ihor Rymaruk, Yuri Tarnawsky (The New York Group) and Ivan Franko, the album was launched with several concerts in Ukraine.

Phase 2

Mark Andryczyk and Yaryna Yakubyak married in 1999 and moved to Toronto leading to a break in YEEZHAK’s activity for several years.  In the summer of 2005 Andrycyzk gathers YEEZHAKs’ past members and, with the addition of drummer Andriy Nadolskyi (Plach Yeremii), records the EP KhmariPara (CloudSteamPair) at Studio Leva in Lviv and at Taras Chubai’s studio in Kyiv. Guitarist Marian Prystupa (Faino) performed with YEEZHAK at shows in Ukraine that year.

Phase 3

In 2007, Mark and Yaryna moved back to Philly and began playing with Mark’s former bandmates Roger Bodine (Doomed to Obscurity, Underraga, Grisly Fiction) and Christian Hayes (Kavune, Father Jack and His Idle Hours, Nature Films).  The new YEEZHAK line-up premiered at a 2008 show at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia.

YEEZHAK performed acoustically at a poetry event for Viktor Neborak (2005), an evening memorializing the poet Ihor Rymaruk (Shevchenko Scientific Society, NYC, 2008) and at a gathering of prominent Ukrainian-American writers and musicians (Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, 2009). YEEZHAK also perfomed acoustically at presentations of Mark Andryczyk’s monograph at Dzyga (Lviv, 2015) and at the Ukrainian Museum (NYC, 2015 ).

This latest line-up of YEEZHAK perfomed in 2012 in Philly (with Dora Shoturma of Maiden Creek Lodge lending vocals) and then set off to Ukraine for a concert at the Dzyga Art Association in Lviv in July 20012.  Original YEEZHAK member Taras Chubai joined the band on stage at the Dzyga show, playing viola.

In June 2017 this latest line-up of YEEZHAK  performed at a concert with Kharkiv, Ukraine’s Serhiy Zhadan and Sobaky v Kosmosi (Dogs in Outerspace) at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia. Later that summer, on August 18th, YEEZHAK performed at the Slavic Block Party at the Maas Building in Philly, joined by Taras Chubai on viola. In 2019, Mark and Yaryna performed acoustic sets entitled YEEZHAK: Holky Unplugged at concerts  in Ukraine (August 18th at Khrystofor in Lviv and August 21st at Vagabundo in Ivano-Frankivsk). At concerts in 2012 and beyond, YEEZHAK performs songs from all three YEEZHAK recordings as well as new songs that will be part of a (hopefully) future album entitled Crossing Dunai.

N.B. Past YEEZHAK members are known to occasionally participate, unannounced, at YEEZHAK concerts worldwide.

Светер (Sweater)

1. У Собі (Within Myself)
2. … іншому (…to somebody else)
3. Музі (For the Muse)
4. Усвідомлення (Realization)
5. Зелені Звуки (Green Sounds)
6. Легше Для Серця (Easier on the Heart)
7. Ембер (для Ореста Василціва) (Ember {for Orest Vasyltsiv})
8. Тюльпани Два (Two Tulips)
9. і те, і те… (and that, and that…)
10. Музей Старожитностей (The Museum of Antiquities)

MediaFire Zip of all files

Music – Mark Andryczyk

Words – Viktor Neborak (1, 2, 5); Miletii Kichura (3); Volodymyr Pavliv (4); Mykhailo Rudnytskyi (6); Mark Andryczyk (7); Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (8); Mykola Vinhranovskyi (9); Yuri Andrukhovych (10)

Mark Andryczyk – Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar
Oleh (Dzhon) Suk – Bass
Sashko Kamenetskyi – Drums
Taras Chubai – Viola, Percussion, Back Vocals
Yaryna Yakubyak – Back Vocals, Percussion
Misko Barbara – Sopilka, Back Vocals
Roman Chaika – Acoustic and electric guitars (1, 8)
Liubko Futorskyi – Electric guitar (10)

Recorded at GalVox Sudios – Lviv, Ukraine, 1996
Tape Case Design by Mark Halaway

Вулканізація (Vulkanization)

1. Біжить Їжак (Hedgehog Running)
2. Вона Танцює (She Dances)
3. З Народних Мотивів (Based On Folk Motives)
4. Краплі (Drops)
5. Темні Легкі Сніги (Dark Airy Snows)
6. Пісенька Про Черешню (A Tune About A Cherry Tree)
7. Climb
8. Один (One)
9. Savior
10. Музика, що пішла… (The Music That Went Away)

MediaFire Zip of all files

Music – Mark Andryczyk

Words – Kostiantyn Moskalets (1, 2); Ivan Malkovych (3, 6, 10); Ivan Franko (4); Ihor Rymaruk (5); Mark Andryczyk (7, 9); Yuri Tarnawsky (8)

Mark Andryczyk – Lead vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitars
Oleh (Dzhon) Suk – Bass
Sashko Kamenetskyi – Drums
Taras Chubai – Viola, Back Vocals
Yaryna Yakubyak – Lead and Back Vocals, Percussion
Roman Chaika – Electric guitar
Misko Barbara – Sopilka, Back Vocals
Andriy Piatkov – Drums (4)
Liubko Futorskyi – Back Vocals

Recorded at Studio Leva –  Lviv, Ukraine, 1998
Tape Case Design by Mark Halaway

ХмаріПара (CloudSteamPair)

1. ВінДа-Он так (VinDa- On Tak)
2. Slow
3. Весільний Подарунок (A Wedding Present)
4. Втеча (The Escape)
5. Wolke

MediaFire Zip of all files

Music – Mark Andryczyk
Words – Mark Andryczyk (1, 2, 3, 5); Ihor Rymaruk (4)

Mark Andryczyk – Lead vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitars
Oleh (Dzhon) Suk – Bass
Andriy Nadolskyi – Drums
Yaryna Yakubyak – Lead and Back Vocals, Percussion
Taras Chubai – Viola, Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Liubko Futorskyi – Lead and Back Vocals

Recorded at Studio Leva –  Lviv, Ukraine and Studio Tarasa Chubaia – Kyiv, Ukraine, 2005


YEEZHAK – Tokyo (live)

YEEZHAK – Втеча (escape)


Poppy – Live on WKDU

Poppy was first formed in the early 1990s with members of 2 of 80s Philly punk scenes favorites Electric Love Muffin (Brian Campbell) and Scram! (Craig Heim) with Kate Campbell’s powerful vocals and loud guitar. They returned a few years ago and have been playing all over Philly. They are playing this Wednesday at The Fire with Vakili Band, The Royal Fatback & Rick Fink OMB starting at 6:30.
Thanks for the tape Jackie.

They have a new single out on Bandcamp called Brilliant Volume:

Live on Jackie’s show on WKDU from December 14, 1992

01 – Sugar & Water
02 – Driving Blind
03 – Unknown
04 – Calvin
05 – Wishing Well
06 – Unknown
07 – Sourball
08 – Close to Empty
09 – Undoing
10 – Toes
11 – Alligators & Lovers
12 – Helpless (Neil Young)
13 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files


Philadelphia’s Stuntmen were around from 1993-2000, they sound like a mix between the Aussie bands of the 80’s and Power Pop, to me. The band (I believe) was always a trio with Ben Brower (Cream Circus, Adam West) – guitar, Tommy Jerseycow [Keoni] (Rear Admiral, G-Spot Run, Savage 3-D)- drums & Andrew Martini – bass. Later Tommy and Andrew were replaced by Peter Santa Maria (Jukebox Zeros, The Thirteen, Beretta76) & Tom Connors (Mondo Topless, Thee Mink). This post has their five 7 inches (including a split with Dr Bob’s Nightmare) and 2 cds.
Plus here is a link to their track from Black Hole Record’s Very Special People comp – Stuntmen – I’ve Been Told and a video for that song here.

Stuntmen 7 inch (1994)

A – Take A Ride
B – Still

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

What We Deserve 7 inch (1994)

A1 – What We Deserve
B1 – Changin With The Weather
B2 – Jumpstart

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Sick Of Being Sorry 7 inch (1995)

A1 – Sick Of Being Sorry
A2 – I Knew You When
B1 – Not Fun Anymore
B2 – Lesson In Letdown

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

War Of The Gargantuas! 7 inch split with Dr Bob’s Nightmare (1996)

A1 – Stuntmen – All Around The World
A2 – Stuntmen – National Recovery
B1 – Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – Theo Rock
B2 – Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – Lunch Money

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Unpaid Vacation 7 inch

A1 – Unpaid Vacation
A2 – Good Lord
B1 – Out Of The Loop
B2 – That Old Familiar

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Tune You Out cd (1995)

01 – Blame Game
02 – This Lousy Hand
03 – Kick Them Out
04 – The Screws
05 – Bad Impersonation
06 – Get a Good Luck
07 – Temporary Thing
08 – Whats Ailin Me
09 – Is That All
10 – Happy Endings
11 – Econoline
12 – Cool-O-Meter

MediaFire Zip of all files

Small Time cd (2005)

01 – Law Of Average
02 – Snake Oil
03 – Hurry Up And Wait
04 – As It Was
05 – Small Time
06 – Out Of The Loop
07 – Dead Letter
08 – Switched At Birth
09 – 365
10 – Life Support
11 – Cut It Out

MediaFire Zip of all files

Decontrol – Live on WKDU

Decontrol Live on Jackie’s show on WKDU from October 7th 1989.
For more Decontrol go to their website and check out my other posts with more music and videos.

01 – We Are Not the World
02 – Progress
03 – Space Case
04 – Nightmare
05 – Joe Blow
06 – Monday in Hell
07 – Fade to Grey
08 – Unknown
09 – Pressure Cooker
10 – Depraved Condition
11 – Intermission
12 – Nothing Else
13 – Stranger in My Bed
14 – Baby- I’m Not Dead
15 – Holiday in New Jersey
16 – We Are All Prostitutes
17 – Drunk Again
18 – Big Jack Six Pack
19 – Maladjusted
20 – Screwed Again
21 – Blue Skies
MediaFire Zip of all files

Pink Slip Daddy – Live on WKDU

Long time Philly-area rockers Pink Slip Daddy, the brainchild of Mick Cancer, Sal Mineo’s Only Son, Barb Dwyer and Palmyra Delran, was formed in the late 1980s after its members had intersected in various combos, including Sic Kidz and Das Yahoos.

Originally intended as a solo project for Mick, it quickly morphed into a breathing reality, as for several decades the band has delivered wildly received live performances and a series of acclaimed recordings, including Rock Damage And Other Love Songs and the groundbreaking LSD ten-inch vinyl package.
– stolen from their soundcloud page that has FREE DOWNLOADS!

Complete live on Jackie’s show set on WKDU January 10, 1989 – Plus a pre-air version of L.S.D.

00 – Intro
01 – We Love to Boogie (T-Rex)
02 – 1-2-3-4
03 – Teenage Obsession
04 – Shake- Baby- Shake (Jesse Lee Turner)
05 – Rhythm Gurl
06 – Is There Something on Your Mind (Pt.3)
07 – Like the Duke of Earl
08 – Its Gonna Rain
09 – Heat of Love
10 – Elvis Zombie
11 – Shes a Scream
12 – Dog Food
13 – Outro
14 – L.S.D. (Practice)

MediaFire Zip of all files

Dead Girls in Tight Skirts – Live on WKDU

Again I have no info on this very Zappa influenced band – I remember the band name and vaguely think they were a west philly band but that’s it. This is a live on WKDU set I assume on Jackie’s show but I’m not even sure of that.
If anyone has more info on this band please send it to me. (Thanks)

Thanks for the tape Diego

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Traveling Song
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Suffragette City
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
12 – Unknown

MediaFire Zip of all files

Judith Schaechter – Demo

I included some of Judith’s songs with the split 7″ with Revologic, this is a demo tape release by Marc from Revologic’s Not one red cent tape series.
This was the Nov 1995 Cassingle of the Month. Tracks 1 & 3 were recorded at reveLodge by Marc (b guitars and b. vocals too.) on Tascam 8-track. Tracks 2 & 4 were recorded at home on boombox by Judith.
If you have not make sure you check out Judith’s Art site..

01 – Liz Anne
02 – Ive Trampled a Million Pretty Flowers
03 – Dead Cowboy
04 – For the Love of Biddle

MediaFire Zip of all files

Jekyll & Hyde – Live Firenze Tavern 3-02-91

Jekyll & Hyde featured Garland Monroe from Carnival Of Shame on guitar and vocals. I don’t remember who the other members were. They didn’t release anything but might have recorded a demo. On this live show they are playing some Carnival Of Shame songs plus new stuff.

01 – River Deep Mountain High
01 – Swan Dive
03 – Good Turns Bad
03 – Title Unknown
04 – Title Unknown
05 – the Imposter
06 – Not Undone
07 – Sick of it All
MediaFire Zip of all files

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