NYC’s False Prophets live from the Kennel Club in 86. For New York bands in the late 8O’s I personally was a bigger fan of the weirdo, more experimental bands like the Prophets, A.P.P.L.E. and my favorite Alice Donut.
This show was after their 2nd album Implosion was out but it seems like a good mix off that album and their self titled 1st LP.

For more on the band check out the later lineup guitarist (Steven Taylor) book “False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground”


01 – Intro
02 – Title Unknown
03 – the Taxidermist
04 – I Am Your Underside
05 – Mental Ghetto
06 – Intended Victims
07 – Marat-Sade
08 – Title Unknown
09 – Baghdad Stomp
10 – Good Clean Fun
11 – Destructive Engagement
12 – Scorched Earth
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