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O Mighty Isis

O Mighty Isis

O Mighty Isis exemplified everything that was good in the early 90’s indie rock scene. Catchy guitar riffs, fun lyrics, alternating tempos between slow & fast, and unusual cover songs. There shows were always a good time and it was always cool to see what new guitars Chris came up with for the shows. I really believe that if Philadelphia had a big indie label like K or Teanbeat – O Mighty Isis would be revered in the same way as bands like Beat Happening, Unrest and Mecca Normal. Included below is their cd Angel Brite and a cd comp which includes their 7 inch. Sophy and/or Chris went on to have numerous bands after O Mighty Isis with a variety of styles: Including Wastoid (British Metal), Slobber Mountain Boys, Illegitimate Sons and Daughters,The Pine Barons (Blue Grass) Also La Resistance. Chris now playing guitar and vocals for  Creem Circus which has covered a few Mighty Isis tunes among the Glam.
Any guitar or bass players that read this should go check out Chris’ shop Dipinto Guitars

Zine that came with the 7 Inch (I think)

Audio files

O Mighty Isis Comp

01 – Rock Star Babe
02 – Teenager From Outer Space
03 – Sparkle
04 – Skip This Town
05 – Secret
06 – One Of Us Is Crying
07 – Sofa and Chair
08 – Rock N Roll Band
09 – Angel Brite
10 – Squidge
11 – Enough Of You
12 – Total Eclipse Of The heart
13 – I Want You to Want Me (Live)

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Angel Brite CD width=

01 – Intro
02 – Guitar Wars
03 – Squidge
04 – Flaming Dealth
05 – Secret
06 – Mousie
07 – Angel Brite

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Philly Comps – Scrapple 7″ box set


This post is the second of three Philly compilations posts

A box set of 4 7″‘s put out in 1994 by WKDU. There are 16 bands all from the Philly area with a pretty wide range of styles.
Below the tracks I have put up scans of the cover and the insert that came in the box – each band got a page of the insert.

Tibetan Bowlers-You You
Red Paint People-Stric Neck
Vick Logic-Girl Crush
More Fiends-Message Is The Same
Strapping Field Hands-Row
O’ Mighty Isis-Sparkle
Meth 25-Psychotic Rhonda
Double Penetration-Scitzophelia
Zonic Shockum-Labor
Via Satellite-Molecule
Temple Of Bon Matin-Orenacht
Mothra-Almost Human.
Underraga-What Is A Number

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