The M-80s, a short lived project in 1985 with myself on bass, Chuck Treece (McRad) and John Gilmour (Shemales/Mama Volume) on guitar, Bobby Ray Williams (Executive Slacks) on drums and Keith Souder (now of Stones cover band Brown Sugar, his start in show business) on vox: Robyn of the great Initial Attack
Description and Photo stolen from Chuck although the Photo is Bill Rude’s skateboard
This video is M-80’s from the CEC in West Philly. Same CEC show where the video from Nobody’s Favorite and Decontrol on past posts was from..

Get the M-80’s demo at the Mace Canister Recordings Bandcamp page

Thanks as always to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes


M-80’s – 01
M-80’s – 02
M-80’s – 03
M-80’s – 04
M-80’s – 05

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