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Bass Masters

Bass Masters were from Boyertown Pennsylvania and were one of hundreds of bands that formed across the country in the resurgence of Punk Rock in the mid-1990s after Nirvana and Green Day hit the big time. The band started out as a three piece line-up in 1995 and recorded two demo tapes before a line-up change added a second guitarist. In 1997, the year they split up, they had two songs on the Rumors From The Air-Conditioned Tiger Pit CD compilation along with other bands from their area. Collected here is two demo tapes, a radio interview, a live tape and a video.
The live recording is from the second line-up and is copied from a video tape. Sound quality is good

Bass Masters

1st Demo

01 – She’s Left Alone
02 Parachute
03 Punchout
04 Speechless
05 The Long Walk
06 Broken Pieces
07 Wild Fish From Hell
08 WXAC Interview 10-06-95

2nd Demo

01 I Can’t Be Alone
02 She Left Me For A Volkswagen
03 Broken Pieces
04 The Long Walk
05 Parachute
06 Speechless
07 Chain Letter
08 Fuck The World
09 She’s Left Alone
10 Live It My Own Way

Live – Gilbertsville Fire Hall, Gilbertsville PA 12-30-96

01 The Long Walk
02 She Left Me For a Volkswagen
03 Friends And Foes
04 Punk Rock Woman
05 My World
06 title unknown
07 She Don’t Like Me
08 title unknown
09 You Make Me Want To Puke

MediaFire Zip of all files

Bass Masters & Figurehead Live in Boyertown! Video

King Face – Live Club Pizazz

King face was a band based out of Washington, DC that started around 1985. They were more straight ahead rock influenced then most of the  DC bands at the  time. It really made them stand out.  The band consisted of Mark Sullivan on vocals, Patrick Bobst on guitar, Andrew Rapoport on bass and Larry Colbert on drums. The band members all had roots in the local hardcore scene. Mark Sullivan had played in a band called The Slinkees in high school. This band featured two members who would go on to start Minor Threat and Dischord Records: Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson. This is them live from Club Pizazz which was just off the Bridge & Pratt  el stop (or was it the one before that?)
More info at WFMU’s Beware of the Blogpost

Club Pizazz – Philadelphia 3-27-87

01 – I Don’t Want to Be Anything
02 – Anyone
03 – Crawl Into Tomorrow
04 – Lull-A-Bye
05 – Ain’t Talkin’ About Love
06 – One Truth
07 – Opportunity
08 – Dirty Wings
09 – Like a King
MediaFire Zip of all files

Trilogy of Terror

Philadelphia all-girl punk band from the late 80s – Band members were Anee Luv, Loreal, Phenie Phoenix and Elaine Insane.
This is their 5 song demo tape called House Party which came out in 1988. Plus I found a video of them live on Youtube from Bacchanal
Thanks for the tape Jackie

Trilogy of Terror

House Party Demo Tape

01 – What it is and What it Ain’t
02 – Volture of Deception
03 – My Trusty 10-Speed
04 – Naked Cowboy
05 – Hairdo From Hell

MediaFire Zip of all files

Live video from Bacchanal

Trilogy Of Terror (Anee Luv, Loreal, Phenie Phoenix and Elaine Insane), a Philadelphia all-girl punk band, performing their theme song “Trilogy Of Terror” at the now defunct Bacchanal club on South Street in Philadelphia, 1988.


Short lived band from Gilbertsville/Boyertown/Pottstown PA that recorded a demo in 1995 but never finish mixing it. It was never distributed and the band only played 4 shows and a house party before splitting up. The band was Ron Mealy – guitar, Jeff Herbst – vocals, Mike Hausman – bass & Steve Faulkner – Drums

Thanks for the files Brett Noise Addiction II

Demo 9-18-95 + Interview 10-20-95

01 – Another Mistake
02 – My Way
03 – Girl Named Hate
04 – Stolen
05 – Real
06 – I Cant Be
07 – Letting it Go
08 – Straight Edge Girl
09 – WXAC Interview 10-20-95

MediaFire Zip of all files

F.O.D. (Flag Of Democracy) Videos

If you don’t know who F.O.D. are then I’m not sure how you got to this site. But just in case here is an article about them by Yoni from the Key.  This post has  two early videos one from the CEC and the other opening for the Dead Kennedys in Camden. Both videos are courtesy of the very much missed Lenny Crunch. Plus,  a slideshow of some show flyers below.

F.O.D. CEC Philadelphia 2/18/84

F.O.D. – Camden NJ April 20, 1985 (full show)

F.O.D. new and re-releases are on SRA Records

Their most recent album NO SCHOOL, NO CORE


Suburban Youth (Reading)

Suburban Youth – Jeremy Nolan – guitar, Tony – vocals, Tom Rothermel – bass, Zach Hudock – drums. From Reading.
Suburban Youth was started in 1994 by three high school friends – Jeremy, Tom and Zach. Josh Pettinato was the orignal vocalist, who came from Oley. The band played one show before recording their first demo in 1995. Five songs were recorded on 4-track including Fuck The Army, No Respect, Angst, Drug Free Forever, and Nued Nick. Afterwards Josh left and Tony was added on vocals . During the summer of 1996 they recorded two songs for a compilation CD of local bands. Sometime after this the line up changed again with Andy added on drums. This line up recorded 8 new songs, again on 4-track, and 6 were released on a cassette tape titled Godzilla. They were primarily a local band and played all their shows around the Reading area.

Punk and Then Some (or Godzilla) Demo 1997

03-What Went Wrong.mp3
04-I Steal.mp3
06-Cant Take Anymore.mp3

WXAC Reading PA 6-04-97

01 – Interview-.mp3
02 – What Went Wrong [Demo].mp3
03 – Interview-.mp3
04 – Cant Take Anymore [Demo].mp3
05 – Interview-.mp3
06 – Puzzled [Demo].mp3
07 – Interview-.mp3
08 – Godzilla [Demo].mp3
09 – Interview-.mp3
10 – I Steal [Demo].mp3
11 – Interview-.mp3
12 – Punker [Demo].mp3
13 – Interview-.mp3
14 – Reading Pa [Demo].mp3
15 – Interview-.mp3
16 – Interview-.mp3
17 – Funky Metal [Demo].mp3
18 – Interview-.mp3
19 – Interview-.mp3

MediaFire Zip of all files

YDI – live WKDU 1983

Formed in the early 80’s (and still going today) Philly legends YDI live @ the WKDU band bash – Drexel Quad, Philadelphia-PA October 1st, 1983

Recorded by John Coffey

Molly Be Damned

Molly Be Damned were from Boyertown Pennsylvania and started life in the 1980s as a band called the Demented Foolz. In 1989 Demented Foolz stopped playing but in the early 1990s three of them got together with a new member and changed the name to Molly Be Damned. IN 1995 they recorded their first demo and in 1996 they had several songs on compilation CDs but were never able to get their own record or CD released before splitting up.
Thanks for the files Brett Noise Addiction II

Demo Tape

01 – Joe Lunchpail (Demo 1995)
02 – Whats the Sense
03 – She Likes Crack
04 – Demented Fool
05 – Piss Off
06 – Warpath
07 – Chop

WXAC Interview 11-03-95

01 – If You Were My Friend (Wxac 11 – 03 – 95)
02 – Interview Segment –
03 – (I Fuck To) Mozart (Censored)
04 – Interview Segment –
05 – Warpath
06 – Joe Lunchpail
07 – Interview Segment –
08 – Demented Foolz – Bustin Out
09 – Interview Segment –
10 – She Likes Crack (Censored)
11 – Captain Beefheart – Title Unknown
12 – Interview Segment –
13 – Demented Foolz
14 – Piss Off
15 – Interview Segment –
16 – Warpath
17 – Chop
18 – Interview Segment –

Various Sayin Bye, Bye To Label Slavery Comp

07 – Petition
08 – Piss Off
09 – Mozart

MediaFire Zip of all files

Some Videos of other songs

Molly Be Damned – Spider Webs

Molley Be Damned – Rat Race

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