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Slovenly – Live Revival Philadelphia 11/6/87

Dead MilkmenSlovenly from Revival in 87. They opened for Firehoose on the James Worthy Tour. They did allot of songs off the Riposte album which had yet to be released (I think) and then a few from Thinking of Empire and After the Original Style. One of the SST bands of the late 80’s that never really got the popularity I thought they deserved. They had a truly unique sound which it seemed like people loved or hated. If you want more info on Slovenly read this. I don’t think they played in Philly again after this at least I don’t remember seeing them again and I would have gone. Currently their guitar player Tom Watson was touring with Mike Watt. After Slovenly broke up some of the members released a couple of albums as Overpass. I’m not sure what anyone else from the band is currently up to.
Note the first song Movement the recording is really bad the volume must have been too loud (you can hear when I turn it down- sorry)

Audio files

01 – Movement
02 – The Way Untruths Are
03 – Prejudice
04 – Sand
05 – Orange Crush
06 – Enormous Critics
07 – Myer’s Dark
08 – Cartwheels Of Glory
09 – Old/New
10 – Distended

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Firehose – Live Revival Philadelphia 11/6/87

Dead Milkmen

Firehose from Revival in 87 – a bunch of songs from their first two albums, one minutemen cover and a BOC cover. I along with two other KDU dj’s had set up an interview with Mike Watt through SST. So of course when we got there he had no idea we were coming. So we waited out in the cold and got a six pack. Evidently we got in and did the interview and Mike Watt was really easy to talk to and was a much better interviewee then we were interviewers. But the plus side of doing an interview was we were already in Revival and didn’t have to worry about getting carded by the bouncers. I missed most of Trained Attack Dogs but I got to see Slovenly. I really liked Slovenly – they seemed to fall into the you either love them or hate them bands (I have some of their set on tape I’ll put up later.) Firehose came on and were great – ok they weren’t the Minutemen and at the time it was hard to not compare the two. But now with time Firehose had some great songs and Mike Watt and George Hurley are so together and tight it was amazing. Check out Mike Watt’s Hoot Page

01 – Locked In
02 – Hear Me
03 – Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets
04 – Operation Solitaire
05 – For The Singer Of REM
06 – Brave Captain
07 – One Reporter’s Opinion
08 – On Your Knees
09 – In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton
10 – Someimes
11 – Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz
12 – Backroads
13 – Soon
14 – Chemical Wire
15 – Me You Remembering
16 – Another Theory Shot To Shit
17 – Choose Any Memory
18 – Making The Freeway
19 – Red And The Black
20 – Thunderchild
21 – Perfect Pairs

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