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Halo of Flies – Live Khyber Pass 3/15/90

Halo of Flies were Amphetamine Reptile Records kingpin Tom Hazelmyer with in-house engineer Tim MacLaughlin on bass & John Anglim on drums,
This is a live tape from when they played the Khyber on March 15, 1990.
Thanks for the tape files Don Sheluga & the song titles – Christian.

01 – Father Paranoia
02 – Ddt Beat 69
03 – Headburn-How Does it Feel
04 – Garbage Rock
05 – Easy Or Hard
06 – Aint No Hell
07 – Human Fly
08 – No Time
09 – Drunk in Detroit
10 – Ballad of Extreme Hate
11 – One Barrel Spent

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King James Version

Mid 90’s Punk band from Philadelphia. They released one 7″ and an LP plus I’ve included a demo tape and part of a Live on WKDU set from Marina’s show.
King James Version was Scott Slagle (Derelict Hotel) – Vocals & Guitar, Dane Wilson (Derelict Hotel, Sugar Skulls) – Drums, Shannon Lynn – Guitar & Phil Calabrese or Shane Dilworth – Bass.
(Thanks for the tapes Marina)


01 – Medusa
02 – At 12 Its 9
03 – Angst Beyond
04 – 1983

Drink You In 7″

A1 – Drink You In
A2 – Part-Two
B1 – Hells Eggs

Peaks And Valleys LP

A1 – Jitterbug
A2 – Black Hills
A3 – Hemline Carpetbombers
A4 – Hourglass (Of Your Last)
B1 – Horseshoes & Handgrenades
B2 – Ability to See
B3 – Drink You In
B4 – Whats the Problem- Officer – 0-60

Live on WKDU 08/04/1995 (Missing the beginning)

01 – Unknown
02 – Hemline Carpetbombers
03 – Sex Starter
04 – Junebug
05 – Unknown
06 – Drink You In
07 – Hourglass of Yourlast
08 – Outro
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Caterpillar – Demo Tape

Caterpillar was one of my favorite local bands in the 90s – I was hooked after hearing the title track off the Bus 6 7 inch. This is a demo tape without a lot of info on it but I assume it was before that 7inch and the previous one Velvet Ears.
The lineup of the band was:
Bass – Brenda DeFeo
Drums – Jack McInerney
Guitar – Dennis Davis
Guitar, Vocals – Mike Lenert

Mike Lenart also currently plays in Suffacox Mach 2 & was Lettuce Prey
Checkout more about Caterpillar at Tapewrecks.
or Facebook or Bandcamp


A1 – Slowlamenalopa
A2 – Romilar Jag (Live)
B1 – Ronald
B2 – Ed
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Side B
Thanks for the tape Marina.

Mel’s Rockpile

Mel's RockPile

Another fun mid 90s Philly band. They played all the Philly venues of the time Frienz Tavern, old Boot & saddle, Clark Park, Khyber, etc. I don’t have as many flyers for 90s bands as I do for 80s put as I find any I will add them to the post. Mel’s RockPile was Matt Pond (Matt Pond PA) – Vocals& Guitar, Paul Hazlet (Blue, Scab Cadillac)- Drums, Tracy Stanton (ex 700 club owner) – Bass and J.D. Frochlich – Guitar. They released 2 & 7 inches that are included in this post. The picture is by Toni Farina (stolen from her FB I hope you don’t mind Toni)

Added 2 more demo tapes (that I don’t know the real  names of)  – Thanks Jackie

Purple Cover Demo

01 – Worn
02 – Sick
03 – Flame On
04 – Bfp
05 – Horsey

MediaFire Zip of all files

Sticker Demo

01 – Skin
02 – Dont Lie
03 – Good
04 – Miss Librarian

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Mel's RockPile 7inch

Can’t Wait / Fourth of July 7

Can’t Wait
Fourth of July

Mel's RockPile 7inch

Trestle / Providence/Sick 7″


MediaFire Zip of all files

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