Electric Love Muffin

Video from an Electric Love Muffin show at the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. The show was on July 26, 1985 and they were opening for Die Kreuzen and Articles of Faith. I was never at any of the Atlantic City shows but from what I’ve heard (and now watched) it looked like a good venue. Lenny and Crunch Productions always put on good shows. This video is from a bunch of videos I borrowed and converted from Betamax tapes from Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow So keep in mind this video was captured from a 25 year old Beta tape. I’m not sure if it the tape or the camera at the time put Rich gets kind of washed out when he is in the spotlight. Hopefully I got the song titles right besides their normal cover of Norwegian Wood – during a string break on Butch’s guitar they do Bad Moon Rising and the Who’s I don’t Mind. I’m not sure what the last song is it sounds familiar but I can’t figure it out. Also, here is an old zine article about touring with the Muffin from Free TNT zine

Audio Files

01-Backstreet Ride

02-16 Years Old

03-In Your Face

04-Blackness That Could Be Blue

05-44 Ways

06-This Time I’m Gone

07-Tomorrows Regrets

08-One Year Removed

09-Bad Moon

10-I Don’t Mind

11-I Should Have

12-Muffin March

13-Norwegian Wood

14 ?

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