Walter Lure – guitar/vocals, Joey Pinter – guitar, Tony Coiro – bass/vocals, Charlie Sox – drums

Walter Lure is most well known for being a member of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers from 1975 to 1977, plus re-union shows in the years after. In 1978 and 1979 he played in The Blessed with future D Generation member Howie Pyro. That band released one single before Walter left. In 1980 he started a band named the Heroes with his brother Richie Lure on guitar, Billy Rath, from Heartbreakers, on bass and Billy Rogers, who backed Johnny Thunders in the 1980s and Dee Dee Ramone in the 1990s, on drums. The Heroes lasted until about 1983 but never released anything. It was during this time that Walter wrote many of the songs that would be played and recorded by the Waldos for their Rent Party CD released in 1994. It should be noted that in 1978 Walter recorded two songs, with friends, that he wrote for the Heartbreakers and these songs were released as a single in France under the band name The Heroes in 1983. Joey Pinter and Tony Coiro played in the New York Punk band The Knots who released one single in 1980. Tony Coiro also played bass backing up Johnny Thunders and in a couple Heartbreakers re-unions during the 1980s. Charlie Sox played in a new line up of The Blessed who released a 12″ep in 1985. In the early 1990s The Waldos played often in Philadelphia and always at J.C.Dobbs. The songs Glad To Be Alive was an unreleased Knots song. The version of Stand By Me was sung by Tony Coiro and wasn’t recorded in a studio before he died in 1995.

J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia 1-25-92

01 – Love That Kills
02 – Take a Chance
03 – Cry Baby
04 – Youll Never Get Away From Me
05 – Born to Lose
06 – Party Lights
07 – Crazy Little Baby
08 – Cant Keep My Eyes on You
09 – Im Glad to Be Alive
10 – Where Were You on My Wedding Day
11 – Stand By Me
12 – Too Much Junkie Business
13 – Do You Love Me!
14 – One Track Mind
15 – Chinese Rocks

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