Tons of Nuns was originally a three piece band with Bern (The Julia Set), Art (later of Photon Band, Uptown Bones, Lilys, etc.) and Brian (Bad Ronald, Rear Admiral, Mad Bomber ) To check out this version of the band see the Live from WXPN tracks below. (i wasn’t sure of if I got all the names of the songs right please send me any corrections if their is a mistake) After Art left Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Rotgut, Stinkbomben, Rear Admiral) and Dan Levin (Sadly he died in a car accident July 4, 1991) joined the band . They recorded a demo which I called the 3rd demo tape (see below.)  One track from the demo “What’s it Gonna Be” was on the Rave Records’ Discpan Hands: A Philadelphia Compilation which is still available on itunes and amazon.
For first 2 demos click here.

Live on WXPN

01-Sick Again
02-We Must Divide
03-3 Songs-?-Community Pig-Scarborough Fair
05-As I Recall
06-I Don’t Think
09-Steal This Song
10-Drining At The UN Bar
11-Most Important Person?
13-Let’s Drive
14-The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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3rd Demo tape

01 Community Pig
02 Theme
03 Big Hair
04 Boredom
05 I’ve Got Your Number
06 Seperate Myself from the Media
07 What’s it Gonna Be
08 Caught in the Middle
09 What Dreams May Come

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