Oblivion was formed in Philadelphia in the fall of 1984. Originally, the band was the four-piece lineup of Steve (who had formerly been bassist in YDI), Marc (ex-Kremlin Korps and Vatican Commandos), and Mick (formerly of Wasted Talent), with Todd Cote on vocals. After Todd left the band, Dave replaced him as singer, and Fil was brought on as second/lead guitarist. Oblivion played frequently in the Philly punk/hardcore scene between 1984-86, finally breaking up in late ’86.

Oblivion – 2-Song Demo Tape (1986)

1. Magic Theater (music: Lukshides, lyrics: Cote)
2. Judgment Day (music: Begnal/Lukshides, lyrics: Fernich)

The basic tracks for these songs were laid down at Philly’s Spectrum Studios in 1985, and then finished (with some overdubs) in 1986.
The image accompanying the first song in this video is a sticker that was printed at the time, while the photo appearing with the second track is a 1986 group shot.

Dave Wynter: vocals
Steve Lukshides: guitar
Fil Cerny: lead guitar
Marc Fernich: bass
Mick Begnal: drums

Live Kennel Club – February 19, 1986

This show was recorded at Philadelphia’s Kennel Club on February 19, 1986 and was one of our last, if not the last show. This gig didn’t start until about 1 AM due to equipment breakdowns that required trips in freezing cold weather for spare parts. Hopefully, the few hardy souls that stayed felt it worth their time. Members of the band were:

Mick Begnal – drums (also of Wasted Talent fame)
Fil Cerny – lead guitar
Marc Fernich – bass (ex-Kremlin Korps & Homo Picnic)
Steve Lukshides – rhythm guitar (ex-Y DI bass player)
Dave Wynter – vocals

Set List:
1. Intro
3. Heavy Hand
4. Dolled Up
6. 6000 Years
7. Magic Theatre
8. Judgment Day
11. Headhunter
12. Forty Days

WKDU Band Bash – October 5th 1985

Gang War – Hot Club 11-30-79

Gang War was a late 70s early 80s collaboration between Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer. I posted a later show at Emerald City this is there 1979 show from the Hot Club.

01 – Ramblin’ Rose
02 – London Boys
03 – These Boots Were Made for Walking
04 – The Harder They Come
05 – Mia
06 – I’ll Go Crazy
07 – Endless Party
08 – If You’re Going to the City
09 – Gypsy
10 – The 10 Commandments of Love
11 – Hey Thanks
12 – Pipeline

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Grisly Fiction – Live on WKDU (May 16, 1989)

Grisly Fiction was formed in the mid 1980’s in Syracuse, NY. The band moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1988 and signed with Brooklyn based label Community 3 Records later that year. Their debut EP “Scrape Face” was released in 1989 and was well received even earning a Futures Pick designation from CMJ.  The band toured the Northeast, Midwest and parts of the South in support of the disc, playing with up and coming bands such as Slint, The Jesus Lizard and Fugazi in the process.

The band released their second Comm 3 album “C’mon Bean Juice” in 1990 and again toured the Northeast and Midwest. After releasing the “Electrolytes”/”Dear Meat” 7″ single in 1991 the band called it quits.

In 2010, on the occasion of a punk rock reunion show in Syracuse, N.Y. over Labor Day weekend, the band reconvened and prepared some new songs for the event. After a rousing return to performing live, additional shows were arranged and in August of 2011 the band recorded their latest CD “My Emotional Geometry Is Like Spider Webs“.

Grisly Fiction for this performance from Jackie’s show on WKDU was Rob Coye (Crankcase, Phantom Pilots) Gtr and Voc, Chuck Hanning (Crankcase) Drums and Voc and Roger Bodine (DTO, Underraga, Suktub, Heroics) on Bass and Voc.  (Sometime after this Jeremy took over for Chuck on drums.)
Thanks for the tape Jackie.

00 – Intro
01 – CRT
02 – Shadows
03 – Outside
04 – Kitchen Utensils
05 – Expanding
06 – Sculpt
07 – History
08 – Questions
09 – Coloures
10 – P-4
11 – Prostitution
12 – Cows
13 – Cerebral Maintenance
14 – Outro
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Bass Masters

Bass Masters were from Boyertown Pennsylvania and were one of hundreds of bands that formed across the country in the resurgence of Punk Rock in the mid-1990s after Nirvana and Green Day hit the big time. The band started out as a three piece line-up in 1995 and recorded two demo tapes before a line-up change added a second guitarist. In 1997, the year they split up, they had two songs on the Rumors From The Air-Conditioned Tiger Pit CD compilation along with other bands from their area. Collected here is two demo tapes, a radio interview, a live tape and a video.
The live recording is from the second line-up and is copied from a video tape. Sound quality is good

Bass Masters

1st Demo

01 – She’s Left Alone
02 Parachute
03 Punchout
04 Speechless
05 The Long Walk
06 Broken Pieces
07 Wild Fish From Hell
08 WXAC Interview 10-06-95

2nd Demo

01 I Can’t Be Alone
02 She Left Me For A Volkswagen
03 Broken Pieces
04 The Long Walk
05 Parachute
06 Speechless
07 Chain Letter
08 Fuck The World
09 She’s Left Alone
10 Live It My Own Way

Live – Gilbertsville Fire Hall, Gilbertsville PA 12-30-96

01 The Long Walk
02 She Left Me For a Volkswagen
03 Friends And Foes
04 Punk Rock Woman
05 My World
06 title unknown
07 She Don’t Like Me
08 title unknown
09 You Make Me Want To Puke

MediaFire Zip of all files

Bass Masters & Figurehead Live in Boyertown! Video

Crude PA Volume 1 Comp

First of two PA comps from Distortions Records come loaded with great garage rockers for info on bands on the comp and other 60s garage check out
Garage Hangover.

01 – Pat Farrell & the Believers – Brand New Baby
02 – Conductors – She Said So
03 – Soul Generation – I Cant See You
04 – Couriers – Feelings
05 – Changing Tymes – You Make it Hard
06 – Sands of Time – Come Back Little Girl
07 – Scholars – Im Gonna Make It
08 – Effects – Ive Been Told
09 – Bitter End – If You Want Somebody
10 – Snaps – Polka Dotted Eyes
11 – JC & the New Tones – Love – Human Emotion
12 – Nomads – Point Five
13 – Nomads – I Need Your Energy
14 – Facts of Life – Ive Seen Darker Nights
15 – Iron Gate – Feelin’ Bad
16 – Thee Young Generation – Ruby Tuesday
17 – Thee Young Generation – Stupidity
18 – Starfyres – Captain Dueseldorph
MediaFire Zip of all files

Crude PA Bands

King Face – Live Club Pizazz

King face was a band based out of Washington, DC that started around 1985. They were more straight ahead rock influenced then most of the  DC bands at the  time. It really made them stand out.  The band consisted of Mark Sullivan on vocals, Patrick Bobst on guitar, Andrew Rapoport on bass and Larry Colbert on drums. The band members all had roots in the local hardcore scene. Mark Sullivan had played in a band called The Slinkees in high school. This band featured two members who would go on to start Minor Threat and Dischord Records: Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson. This is them live from Club Pizazz which was just off the Bridge & Pratt  el stop (or was it the one before that?)
More info at WFMU’s Beware of the Blogpost

Club Pizazz – Philadelphia 3-27-87

01 – I Don’t Want to Be Anything
02 – Anyone
03 – Crawl Into Tomorrow
04 – Lull-A-Bye
05 – Ain’t Talkin’ About Love
06 – One Truth
07 – Opportunity
08 – Dirty Wings
09 – Like a King
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Mudpie on WKDU

Mudpie on Jackie’s WKDU show from Wednesday August 10, 1988
The members of the band were:
Steven – Guitar, vocals, percussion
Tom – Bass
Bernie – Drums, backing vocals

Mudpie 1987-88 Bio

Steven and Tom (gtr/vocals and bass, both from Lancaster’s The Real Gone & Jack Lord’s Hair) formed Mudpie in Philadelphia in the fall of 1987, recruiting Bernie (drums, backing vocals, ex- Lost Barbeque & More Fiends) at Philadelphia Record Exchange. They rehearsed at Bernie’s West Philly twin near 49th and Springfield, sharing the basement with Trained Attack Dogs and Van Gogh’s Ear.

Mudpie played at local haunts like Bacchanal and Tops in 1988, and recorded two tapes: the best-left-unheard “Mudhenge,” and the “York” EP. Their sound at the time was influenced by contemporary power trios like Volcano Suns, Minutemen/Firehose, Dinosaur, Huskers, Agitpop, etc. The name was inspired by Budgie.

This live WKDU set in August 1988 was the next-to-last performance of this line-up. After that, Steven went on to play drums in Blue for a spell.

Steven and Tom reformed Mud Pie sideways as a very different home-recording outfit from 1989-1992. Tom also formed Rocknoceros in the early 90s. In 2003 Steven and Tom re-formed and continue to the present day as Mud Pie Sun, releasing several tapes and CDs and occasionally playing live.
Thanks for the Tapes Jackie & Diego and Tom for the info & images

01 – (Not Too) Deep
02 – A Different Kind of Suck
03 – My Last Day
04 – Modena
05 – Questions
06 – Blues Sex King
07 – Newanna
08 – Lady Marmalade
09 – Practice – Blues Sex King
10 – Practice – Modena

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The Who – Live in Philadelphia

Two Who shows from Philadelphia in 1969 & 1973.

Electric Factory 10-19-69 (2nd show)

01 – Heaven and Hell
02 – Can’t Explain
03 – Overture
04 – It’s a Boy
05 – 1921
06 – Amazing Journey
07 – Sparks
08 – The Acid Queen
09 – Summertime Blues
10 – My Generation
MediaFire Zip of all files

The Spectrum 12-04-73

01 – Radio Promo
02 – I Can’t Explain
03 – Summertime Blues
04 – My Wife
05 – My Generation
06 – Quadrophenia Intro
07 – I Am the Sea
08 – The Real Me
09 – I’m One
10 – Sea and Sand
11 – Drowned
12 – Bell Boy
13 – Dr. Jimmy
14 – Won’t Get Fooled Again
15 – Pinball Wizard
16 – See Me Feel Me
17 – Pete Interview
18 – Keith Interview
19 – Roger Interview
MediaFire Zip of all files

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