Halo of Flies – Live Khyber Pass 3/15/90

Halo of Flies were Amphetamine Reptile Records kingpin Tom Hazelmyer with in-house engineer Tim MacLaughlin on bass & John Anglim on drums,
This is a live tape from when they played the Khyber on March 15, 1990.
Thanks for the tape files Don Sheluga & the song titles – Christian.

01 – Father Paranoia
02 – Ddt Beat 69
03 – Headburn-How Does it Feel
04 – Garbage Rock
05 – Easy Or Hard
06 – Aint No Hell
07 – Human Fly
08 – No Time
09 – Drunk in Detroit
10 – Ballad of Extreme Hate
11 – One Barrel Spent

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Still Stupid – Live on WKDU

Philadelphia band Still Stupid Live on Jackie’s show on WKDU from December 20th 1988. A great mix of Punk, Hardcore, Garage and Psych with some inspired choices of covers (especially Love Power from the Producers) Then below that some videos 1 of their demo tape and 2 live clips from JC Dobbs and some flyers.
Thanks for the Tapes Jackie & Diego and the song titles Jim Canfield

00 – Intro
01 – the Radio in Philadelphia Sucks
02 – Burden of Proof
03 – Doreen
04 – Addicted to Money & Mug Me
05 – Love Power
06 – Why Do You Look at Me as If I Was Stupid When I Say Love Can Change the World
07 – Leave Me Alone
08 – for Petes Sake
09 – Im Potty
10 – Waiting Room
11 – See You Can Say Oh
12 – California Dreaming
13 – Outro

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Still Stupid-My God It’s Cheap-Demo Tape

Still Stupid-when I get that feeling live at JC Dobbs

Still Stupid – blowfly live at JC Dobbs<

(English) Beat – Irvine Auditorium 3/25/83

The (English) Beat Live from Irvine Auditorium on March 25, 1983.

01 – Doors of your heart
02 – Tears of a Clown
03 – Too Nice to Talk To
04 – Spar Wid Me
05 – I Confess
06 – Get A job
07 – Stand Down Margaret
08 – Jeanette
09 – Drowning
10 – Hands Off Shes Mine
11 – Ackee 1-2-3
12 – Sole Salvation
13 – Two Swords
14 – Ranking Full Stop
15 – Mirror in the Bathroom
16 – Save it for Later
17 – The End of the Party
18 – Click Click
19 – Best Friend
20 – Jackpot

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the Lucys – Live on WKDU October 1997

Jesse Jameson from the Lucys Live on Jackie’s WKDU show – October 1997
In early ’96, Jameson began recording songs as The Lucys, playing both guitar and drums. Guitarist Joe Kim (who played with Jameson in the group Pale) and bassist George Loving filled out the group. Still searching for the right sound, Jameson recorded a few songs playing all of the instruments himself. More recently he recruited onetime Moped member Bret Tobias to play drums and Joey Sweeney on bass. All three configurations can be heard on Anselmo. (City Paper)

00 – Intro
01 – For Free
02 – Unknown
03 – Somebody Sweet
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Now That Youve Screwed All Your Friends
07 – Pilot
08 – Cut it Down
09 – On Easter Day
10 – Unknown
11 – Outro

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Dumptruck – 23 East Cabaret 4-11-1989

Dumptruck, formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1983 by guitarists and singers Seth Tiven and Kirk Swan, is – for lack of a better turn of a phrase – the band that wouldn’t die. Coming quickly out of the gate in the college radio heyday that was the early 1980’s, critics and fans alike responded to Tiven and Swan’s earliest efforts, 1984’s D is for Dumptruck and 1986’s Positively, with rave reviews. A following quickly grew, but the wear and tear of years on the road led to Swan deciding to part ways with the band in late ’86. Tiven, faced with calling it quits or carrying on did the only thing he knew to do – soldier on. Now based out of Austin, Texas and with a rotating collection of steady bandmates, Tiven has released four studio albums in the years since. From 1987’s critically acclaimed for the country to 2001’s muscular Lemmings Travel to the Sea, Tiven has stayed true to his original muse – powerfully personal songs floating on an endless wave of driving guitar. The new record, Wrecked (2018), is more of the same with, perhaps, a touch more anger and a lot more of the wisdom that comes with having kept Dumptruck alive and vital for all of these years. (From their site)

Seth Tiven – guitar, vocals
Kevin Salem – guitar, backing vocals
Shawn Devlin – drums
Michael ‘Spike’ Priggen – bass

This is a live tape from the 23 East Cabaret, Ardmore, PA on April 11, 1989

01 – intro
02 – Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
03 – Back Where I Belong
04 – Ghost Town
05 – Walk into Mirrors
06 – Wire
07 – Waterwheel
08 – Carefree
09 – Island
10 – Night
11 – Pablo Picasso
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As I was going to add this I noticed the files were already up on the internet archives:


Here is a great description of the band stolen from Nice Popper fanzine (I think)- Kitschchao were thee best punk band in Philadelphia during the early nineties. They released one 7″ single on Compulsiv Records and have an unreleased album floating around the East Coast on CDr. Singer Tristan Egolf went on to write 3 well known novels. Members of Kitschchao ended up in the bands Woodland Fruits, More Fiends, Apollo Creed, Dagobah System and D.T.O..

For my part in 1992 I attempted an ill-fated / not anywhere near enough cash to move – move to San Francisco which later called a vacation with all my stuff. In those maybe 2 months I was gone Kitschchao had started getting everyone’s attention and were reinvigorating the philly scene with some much needed influx of punk and fun. They were a great band to see live and you never knew what was going to happen. If you don’t believe me hopefully the pictures and video below will give you a glimpse of it.
Tristan Egolf -Vocals
Dan Gill – Bass
Jason Clouser – Guitar
Dave Stauffer – Drums

A – Peter Stumpe
B – Gone Sane

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From Scrapple comp

Kitschchao – Magdaline

Gone Sane Video

The Cramps – Live @ Grendel’s Lair 10/2/78

The Cramps unique sound synthesizes classic rockabilly, touches of psychedelia, and lyrical fare devoted mostly to monster movies and sleazy sex into an infectious, gloriously tasteless conglomeration of American trash culture. They were founded in New York around 1976 by Lux Interior (born Erick Purkhiser in Stow, Ohio) and the guitarist Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace).

Lux Interior – vocals
Poison Ivy – guitar
Bryan Gregory – guitar
Nick Knox – drums

Live from Grendel’s Lair, Philadelphia October 2, 1978

01 – Human Fly
02 – The Way I Walk
03 – Rockin Bones
04 – Problem Child
05 – Love Me
06 – Strychnine
07 – TV Set
08 – Uranium Rock
09 – I’m Cramped
10 – Weekend On Mars
11 – Mad Daddy
12 – Domino
13 – Jungle Hop
14 – What’s Behind the Mask
15 – Human Fly
16 – I Was A Teenage Werewolf
17 – Sunglasses After Dark
18 – Twist and Shout
19 – Mystery Plane
20 – Hungry

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