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Bad Ronald

After a bunch of Philadelphia bands my friend Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Rotgut, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) was in a band based out of NYC called Bad Ronald (along with other Tons of Nuns, Stinkbomben, Rear Admiral  member Brian Sussman on bass) which was called “One of the greatest NYC bands that nobody knows but which everyone should know! – by Tony Autoharp Arena.

Recently they released an album that had not been released before as a benefit for Bob A. Lingus who had passed away.

“A year ago today our lives changed forever when we lost Bob. Giorgio and Brian had this pressed as a tribute to Bob, with all proceeds going to his children. Special thanks to Simona Prives for making the record look great and Deborah Suchman Zeolla for the great photos within, and Ellen Rosenholtz for taking these photos.”

“So here you go, 19 years after it was recorded. You can get this, plus this fabulous t-shirt, and in case you missed it the first time (apparently you did!) our two 7″s from the nineties right here at

Please go check it out and if you can help out by buying some Bad Ronald music or shirts you won’t regret it.

Scab Cadillac – Live

2 Scab Cadillac Live shows from 1989 and some Flyers & Pictures
(The live  pictures are not form either of these shows – they are from a Troc show.) Thanks for the tapes Jackie.

Scab Cadillac Press Kit

Live – JC Dobbs 6-19-89

01 – Pious Hatred
02 – Ring
03 – Twenty-Four Stories
04 – Explain This
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Engine 11
08 – Gaza Strip Tease
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Live – Khyber Pass 6-3-89

01 – Explain This
02 – Tentry Four Stories
03 – Engine11-Stupid Flu
04 – Unknown
05 – Gaza Strip Tease
06 – Forgotten Children
07 – Poor Mans Boots
08 – Land of the Who- Home of the What
09 – Driver
10 – Boogie Man
11 – Driver
MediaFire Zip of all files

Sweet Pussy – Live on WKDU

Or as Marina calls them Sweet P-word. They played live on her show on WKDU on March, 28, 1997. I don’t have a lot of information on them – I know some of the band members are Pablo Bravo, Paul Green (of The Paul Green School of Rock Music)
and Lisa Green. (I will update this info when I get more.)
But check out their live on WKDU set.
Thanks for the tape Marina
00 – Intro
01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – 2-Unknown-Songs
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Fabulous Fondas

I was working on putting up the Fabulous Fondas’ demo tape called eight original hits when I noticed it was already available on Bandcamp. But, I still wanted to add a post of them and just  use the bandcamp links instead of the files I made. The Fab Fondas were Rocco Sacco (vocals) Bill Fergusson (lead & rhythm guitar) Brain McGillin (rhythm guitar & vocals) Pete McCoubrey (bass & vocals) & Todd Yoder (drums & vocals)
Thanks for the tape Jackie



Two demo tapes & a live on WKDU (11-22-89) set from late 80’s Philly band Orifice. In the late 80’s early 90’s lots of bands were moving from punk/hardcore into Industrial Noise ala Test Department & Einstürzende Neubauten. Philadelpiha had a some good exmaples of this in Orifice, King Carcass, Sink Manhatten, Nine Firemen Nine and I’m sure olther I can’t think of now. I made a video for I believe thier song the Burning Bus for a RTF class at Temple. I would love to put the video in this post but my partner on the project kept the only copy of it and I have never got a copy of it. The band is made of Bryan Willette (ex Love Battery (philly one not sub pop band that came later)) Grant Acker (Un), Pete Danz, Don Glass, and Frank Phobia (Anthrophobia)
Thanks for the tape files Frank & jackie

Live on WKDU – 11-22-89

00 – Intro
01 – Unknown
02 – The Burning Bus
03 – Unknown
04 – Intermission
05 – Bludgeon
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Foxy Lady
10 – Outro
MediaFire Zip of all files

demo cover

Demo Tape (1989)

A1 – The Icebox
A2 – I Am the Machine
A3 – King of Maggots
A4 – Little Joe

demo cover

A Pretty Nice Guy…A Really Good Liar Tape (1989)

A1 – Bludgeon
A2 – Gash
A3 – The Veil
A4 – Burning Bus
A5 – Meathook
A6 – Jack of Fools

MediaFire Zip of all files

King James Version

Mid 90’s Punk band from Philadelphia. They released one 7″ and an LP plus I’ve included a demo tape and part of a Live on WKDU set from Marina’s show.
King James Version was Scott Slagle (Derelict Hotel) – Vocals & Guitar, Dane Wilson (Derelict Hotel, Sugar Skulls) – Drums, Shannon Lynn – Guitar & Phil Calabrese or Shane Dilworth – Bass.
(Thanks for the tapes Marina)


01 – Medusa
02 – At 12 Its 9
03 – Angst Beyond
04 – 1983

Drink You In 7″

A1 – Drink You In
A2 – Part-Two
B1 – Hells Eggs

Peaks And Valleys LP

A1 – Jitterbug
A2 – Black Hills
A3 – Hemline Carpetbombers
A4 – Hourglass (Of Your Last)
B1 – Horseshoes & Handgrenades
B2 – Ability to See
B3 – Drink You In
B4 – Whats the Problem- Officer – 0-60

Live on WKDU 08/04/1995 (Missing the beginning)

01 – Unknown
02 – Hemline Carpetbombers
03 – Sex Starter
04 – Junebug
05 – Unknown
06 – Drink You In
07 – Hourglass of Yourlast
08 – Outro
MediaFire Zip of all files

Initial Attack

Early funk influenced No Wave band from Philadelphia with Robyn Graves (Serial Killers) on vocals, Val Opielski (ps xo, Krakatoa, Bush Tetras) on guitar & Keyboards, Dan Melamed on Drums and the late Martel Fin on bass
Val gave me these tape’s files a while ago (when I wasn’t very actively making updates) and I have no idea why but I did not put them up then. (Sorry about that Val). Then Initial Attack was mentioned in a conversation about Yoni’s article about Philly No Wave. It made me check my look for it  and I had the demo. I hope there aren’t more things people gave me that I didn’t get up. Check this demo out.

01 – It Goes on and On
02 – Terminal Shock
03 – Lost in the Dark
04 – War Art

MediaFire Zip of all files

Initial Attack – New Years 1984 Love Club

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