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The Who – Live in Philadelphia

Two Who shows from Philadelphia in 1969 & 1973.

Electric Factory 10-19-69 (2nd show)

01 – Heaven and Hell
02 – Can’t Explain
03 – Overture
04 – It’s a Boy
05 – 1921
06 – Amazing Journey
07 – Sparks
08 – The Acid Queen
09 – Summertime Blues
10 – My Generation
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The Spectrum 12-04-73

01 – Radio Promo
02 – I Can’t Explain
03 – Summertime Blues
04 – My Wife
05 – My Generation
06 – Quadrophenia Intro
07 – I Am the Sea
08 – The Real Me
09 – I’m One
10 – Sea and Sand
11 – Drowned
12 – Bell Boy
13 – Dr. Jimmy
14 – Won’t Get Fooled Again
15 – Pinball Wizard
16 – See Me Feel Me
17 – Pete Interview
18 – Keith Interview
19 – Roger Interview
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Iggy Pop – Hot Club 10-29-79

Iggy Pop from the Hot CLub part of the New Values North American Tour 1979.
The band members on this tour where:
Iggy Pop: Vocals
Brian James (The Damned): Guitar
Ivan Kral (Patti Smith, John Waite, John Cale): Keyboards, Guitar
Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids, Vicious White Kids, The Philistines, The International Swingers: Bass
Klaus Kruger (Tangerine Dream): Drums

Hot Club 10-29-1979

01 – Real Cool Time
02 – Knocking em Down (In the City)
03 – Play it Safe
04 – New Values
05 – Dog Food
06 – TV Eye
07 – Sixteen
08 – Loose
09 – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
10 – Funtime
11 – I Wanna Be Your Dog
12 – China Girl
13 – One for My Baby
14 – No Fun
15 – Five Foot One
16 – Take Care of Me
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Throttle Tape back
4 piece jazzcore/thrash band started by former Gwar vocalist Joe Annaruma, former She-Males guitarist Paul Billbrough, and former Serial Killers bassist Tom Donovan. The band was started in 1988, with drummer Chuck Treece of McRad playing their first few shows, as well as recording drums on 4 songs on their 1st release, the Cassette only album Freaks (1989). Below is I assume an earlier  version of the demo with the 4 songs Chuck was on.

Demo 89

01 – Ugly World
02 – Lifes Tragedies
03 – Out of My Head
04 – Dead Mans Song
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No Milk

Post Punk early 80’s band that played the East Side CLub a lot. Judging by the article in Termial! (page 9) there may have been a lot of different people in the band during it’s short exsistance. The only one I know for sure is Chris Unrath (Baby Flamehead, Shimmers) since he posted the pictures which lead to getting the soundcloud link. (Thanks Chris & Rikki Ercoli)

Here’s a condensed history of No Milk – from Miguel H Gonzalez

Doug Rooney, guitar, and Cordy Swope, bass (later of Ruin) met 17-year-old Jeremy Klotz, drums (later of Physical Push) after the dissolution of The Ecstatics – whose members included Dave Bass, drums (later of Young Snakes) and Ron Gonzalez, guitar (later of Swans).

Ron’s my older brother. Doug went to HS with my sister. And Jeremy plus John Slepian were my friends at CAPA in Center City.

Singer Mark Rayment joined next. Then they added second guitarist Chris Unrath, who had had several bands with Mark that never took off beyond rehearsals. (One of which I was in along with Dave Martin.)

After No Milk opened for Killing Joke, local buzz really started taking off. But, Cordy left for Boston, so they recruited Dave Martin, bass (later of The Fad).

But then Jeremy decided to leave to start his own band with John Slepian, so I left Sadistic Exploits to join No Milk.

The quintet pictured is an early photo shoot around that time. We went on a 10-month tear locally plus a few gigs in DC (9:30 Club), Baltimore (Marble Bar) and Trenton (City Gardens). We recorded at Sigma with Mike Tarsia, and Lee Paris played “The No Milk Album” (actually a four-song EP) a lot.

But after opening for the Stray Cats at the ESC in July 1982, we fractured due to internal differences, stress, and what was probably more than a hot streak of burnout.

Later in 1982, Cordy returned from Boston and after reuniting with Doug found drummer Phil Fugelo (later of Mr. Mehta) and re-booted No Milk with Mark on vocals. As memory serves they played a handful of shows.

But ultimately closed the book. I like to think that No Milk spawned several interesting and important Philly bands — Ruin, The Fad, Mr Mehta, and Baby Flamehead among them.

I went on to play in Timi & The Dub Warriors with Chuck Treece among many great players. In the early 90s, I joined the eTribe with MT Giannone, another early 80s hardcore drummer.

Midnight sessions with Mike Tarsia engineering.

Tons Of Nuns – Live Shows

2 Tons of Nuns live tapes from 1987 – The 2nd one from Bacchanal sounds like it was the band’s last show
Thanks for the tapes Bill

Club Pizazz 7-10-87

01 – Nuns Theme
02 – Community Pig
03 – Pride of Uncle Ron
04 – Give Me Your Sister
05 – Steal This Song
06 – I’ve Got Your Number
07 – Big Hair
08 – Boredom
09 – Drinking at the UN bar
10 – Gonna Quit the World
11 – Separate Myself from the Media
12 – I Can’t Do Anything Right
13 – Three’s Company
14 – We Must Divide
15 – MAD
16 – What’s It Gonna Be

Bacchanal 11-11-87

1 – Nuns Theme
2 – Quiet the World
3 – I’ve Got Your Number
4 – Separate Myself from the Media
5 – What’s It Gonna Be
6 – Three’s Company
7 – Boredom
8 – Big Hair
9 – Steal This Song
10 – Pride of Uncle Ron
11 – Caught in the Middle
12 – Community Pig
13 – We Must Divide
14 – Apathetic
15 – Give Me Your Sister
16 – Drinking at the UN bar
17 – Lion Sleeps Tonight
18 – Wild Thing
19 – I Can’t Do Anything Right

Mama Volume

Mama Volume late 80’s early 90’s band with Michael Mosley (Blessed Muthas, Chris Day BANNED, Cowbell Superstar & Brown Sugar- Rolling Stones tribute band) Billy Taz (DTO), John Graff (She Males), Bayen Butler (Dandelion, She Males,) and Carl Hinds on lead guitar for this demo (Steve Hove was also lead guitar at some point) . This is their 3 song demo tape from 1990. Thanks Jackie for the tape and Michael for the info.

Demo Tape from 1990

01 – Viscous Circle
02 – Pieces
03 – Hippy Chick

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Demo case

Cato Salsa Experience – 2 Khyber Shows from 2002

Two shows from t he Khyber in 2002 from Cato Salsa Experience.   They consistsed of Christian Engfelt, Cato Thomassen, Jon Magne Riise and Nina Bjørndalen in 2003). The group formed in Oslo, Norway in January of 1998.

They released a self titled EP in March of 1998 through their own record label, Garralda Records.

They released their debut album, “A Good Tip for a Good Time” in 2000 in the UK and 2002 in the US.

Khyber – July 27, 2002

01 – Title Unknown
02 – So – the Circus is Back in Town
03 – Title Unknown
04 – Sister Disco
05 – Lucky Girl
06 – Title Unknown
07 – Deadbeat
08 – Awaiting the Bash
09 – Move On
10 – Listen to Me Daddyo
11 – Albert Bones Electric Meal
12 – Title Unknown

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Khyber – November 5, 2002

05 – Title Unknown
07 – Title Unknown
13 – I Can Give You Anything
14 – Albert Bones Electric Meal
15 – Sister Disco
16 – Lucky Girl
18 – Deadbeat
20 – So – the Circus is Back in Town
21 – Time to Freak Out

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