Doctor At Tree

I know that I’ve seen Doctor at Tree many times in the late 80’s early 90s, but I don’t have a lot of info on the band (updated see below Thanks Cheshire) – I do know that some of the members of the band where in 5 Story Fall before this band and that Cheshire from Stinking Lizaveta was also in the band. They played a lot with Scram and listening to the tape I can see why.
Thanks for the tape Jackie

The cassette cover is an example of the late great Rob Boyes’ artistic talent.  He would spend hours in the basement of our West Philly group house at 4525 Larchwood,  perfecting screen prints for t-shirts and covers to arrive at a finished product he deemed, “festive”.

He also played a mean fretless electric bass,  wrote all our lyrics and sang.
I played traps in this band and sang some back vocs for the record.   A kid named Josh sat in on timbale  and god knows who was playing cowbell.  Might have been joined by Craig Heim,  drummer for SCRAM!,  on conga.  Tabla….hm..yep.  on I Know Where Your House Is,  played by Dan Malamed, I think.  
David Thrower was our KILLIN’ guitar player.   He is the father of two and works in the hospital system in Philadelphia.  His kid Allison, came up through School of Rock Philly and also shreds.  
I remember all the shows displayed in the posters.  These are the shows I’m thinking of whenever I try to illustrate the eclectic…modern jargon alert!!:: inclusive vibe in the Philly punk scene of that time.  Bills were rarely drawn on strict stylistic lines or limited by the dogma of group identities cemented through musical taste.   Metal played with punk played with reggae played with thrash played with afro-pop…prog…..speed metal…grind core….blablablabla…. funk….singer song writers…toasters…poets…painters… freaks and weirdos and nobody thought anything of it.  
Rob Boyes died of AIDS in August, 1992,  age 30.  
– Cheshire Agusta

Audio Files

01 – The Past Catches Up
02 – The Comfy Chair
03 – I Know Where Your House Is

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