Temple of Bon Matin is still around (click here for their website) but the lineup on this demo tape and the Siltbreeze album Thunder, Feedback and Confusion was the only version of the band I paid any attention to. It was Mark Lux on bass, Trevor Dixon on guitar and Ed Wilcox on drums and vocals. I’m not very good at describing bands but I’ll try – spacey noisy rock combined with improve jamming and stream of consciousness vocals. My favorite memory of seeing them live was the time they played a party at the punk house where they seemed to play for hours and hours. I mean that it in a good way it was amazing.
Here are links to download the insert & lyric sheet

Audio files

A1 – All Glam No Cigarettes
A2 – Ironbound
A3 – Sham Art Suicide
A4 – Blessed Amnesia
A5 – Lejit
A6_7 – Yellowville_Accelerama
B1 – Lion Brand
B2 – Anaconda
b3 – Ex-Man(VictoryAtSea)
B4 – Junkie
B5 – Striptancranct
B6 – This Is Goodbye

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