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Crash Course in Science – Lee Paris Benefit 5/3/86

Philadelphia Band Crash Course in Science from the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/96
The show was a benefit in honor of the recently passed DJ Lee Pairs and proceeds went to the Philadelphia Community Health Alternatives (PCHA) which was a health clinic that served the local lesbian and gay community in the 80’s.
Crash Course in Science are an American post-punk band. The band was formed in 1979 in Philadelphia by Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago and Michael Zodorozny. They avoided the sounds of conventional instrumentation by using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment distorted guitar, drums and synthesised beats.
For more information on Crash Course in Science – see this interview from the Key

Here are two bandcamp pages for a couple of their releases:
Signals From Pier Thirteen
Near Marineland
Situational Awareness
Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

Butterfly Joe – Live on WKDU 05-19-99

Butterfly Joe Live on Marina’s show from WKDU.
They formed after the breakup of the Dead Milkmen in 1995. Made up of ex-Dead Milkmen Joe Genaro & Dean Sabatino, ex-Baby Flamehead Andy Bresnan and bassist Joe Quigley. They released one self-titled cd in 1999 which had it’s release show soon after this live broadcast. Marina also interviewd them which you can listen to here
Besides the re-formed Dead Milkmen both Dean and Joe are currently playing in the super-melodic and original indie instrumental rock music band I Think Like Midnight

Also, check out Joe Genaro’s interview and Dean Sabatino’s interview from Loud Fast Philly

00 – Intro
01 – Call Me A Fool
02 – Fancy Walls
03 – Life Is Better In The Movies
04 – Outro

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cd cover

National Wrecking Company


The National Wrecking Company gathered around singer songwriter, Lars Din in the early 90s in West Philly. The band featured Mike Watson on mandolin and electric guitar, Gordon Rice on bass, Cheshire Agusta (Stinking Lizaveta )  on drums, and Glendon Jones on fiddle. We played every Sunday for several years at Cafe Cairos, 40th & Baltimore Ave., Philly and Fridays at Sine Cafe in Manhattan. Performances often lasted until the wee hours if not all night and included many roving sit-in musicians. We loved and hated each other in equal measures. Describing music I’m involved with is a job I normally leave to others but I’ll make an exception. The National Wrecking Company created and clung for dear life to our own form of post Dylan urban swamp pop chaos. Lars wrote a good lyric and constructed some decent melodies we could throw our axes at.
– Cheshire Agusta
01 – Sally Shroud of Manes
02 – Kuduz
03 – Hamburger Passion
04 – Gillateen
05 – Screaming
06 – Serial Killer
07 – Roberts
08 – Blues Walking
09 – Consider Yourself

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MightBreed flyer

Nightbreed consisted of Justin Kolb on bass, Todd Kinckener on guitar, Steve Faulkner on drums, Jon Walsh on vocals. The band were from Boyertown PA and existed for only around a year or so between 1992-1994. They organized and played a few shows at the Odd Fellows Hall in Boyertown as well as at fire halls around their hometown. In 1993 they recorded a 10-song tape at Cedric Rockgod’s Rippoff Studios which they sold on cassette at their shows. After the band split up Todd formed Generation 13, Steve joined Vomiting Leprechauns and then the Quartermanes, Justin Kolb joined Figurehead for a few years before moving to Austin Texas and can heard playing upright bass on the Jesse Dayton & Brennen Leigh “Holdin’ Our Own” CD from 2007, and Jon Walsh sang and played bass in another band named Disillusioned (during the late 90s and early 00s), sadly he died in 2010.

Thanks for the tape files & writing the info on the band Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Distorted Society
02 – Fight Back
03 – I Don’t Believe
04 – Mental Evolution
05 – Nightbreed
06 – title unknown
07 – Mortal Anger
08 – Feedback
09 – Better Off A Memory
10 – I Want Out

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Clash – Live in Philly

Clash Tour 80
Four Clash shows from Philadelphia between 1979 and 1984.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia 9-22-79

01 Safe European Home.mp3
02 I’m So Bored With The USA.mp3
03 Complete Control.mp3
04 London Calling.mp3
05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais.mp3
06 Koka Kola.mp3
07 Jail Guitar Doors.mp3
08 Guns Of Brixton.mp3
09 English Civil War.mp3
10 Clash City Rockers.mp3
11 Stay Free.mp3
12 Working For The Clampdown.mp3
13 Police and Thieves.mp3
14 Capital Radio One.mp3
15 Janie Jones.mp3
16 Garageland.mp3
17 Justice Tonight.mp3
18 Career Opportunities.mp3

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Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 3-06-80

1-01-Clash City Rockers.mp3
1-02-Brand New Cadillac.mp3
1-03-Safe European Home.mp3
1-04-Jimmy Jazz.mp3
1-05-London Calling.mp3
1-06-Guns of Brixton.mp3
1-07-Train in Vain.mp3
1-08-White Man in Hammersmith Palais.mp3
1-09-Protex Blue.mp3
1-10-Koka Kola.mp3
1-11-I Fought the Law.mp3
1-12-Spanish Bombs.mp3
2-01-Rudie Cant Fail.mp3
2-02-Wrongem Boyo.mp3
2-03-Police and Thieves.mp3
2-04-Stay Free.mp3
2-05-Complete Control.mp3
2-06-Working for the Clampdown.mp3
2-07-Janie Jones.mp3
2-08-Armagideon Time.mp3
2-09-English Civil War.mp3

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Penn Rink, Philadelphia 8-27-82

00 – For A Few Dollars More intro.mp3
01 – London Calling.mp3
02 – Clash City Rockers.mp3
03 – Know Your Rights.mp3
04 – Police And Thieves.mp3
05 – Guns Of Brixton.mp3
06 – Police On My Back.mp3
07 – Rock The Casbah.mp3
08 – English Civil War.mp3
09 – Bankrobber.mp3
10 – The Magnificent Seven.mp3
11 – Train In Vain.mp3
12 – This Is Radio Clash.mp3
13 – Wrong ‘Em Boys.mp3
14 – The Call Up.mp3
15 – Somebody Got Murdered.mp3
16 – Brand New Cadillac.mp3
17 – I Fought The Law.mp3
18 – Armagideon Time.mp3
19 – Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp3
20 – Complete Control.mp3
21 – Straight To Hell.mp3
22 – Pressure Drop.mp3
23 – Garageland.mp3

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Spectrum, Philadelphia 4-22-84

01-London Calling.mp3
02-Are You Red…Y.mp3
03-Know Your Rights.mp3
04-Three Card Trick.mp3
05-Complete Control.mp3
06-Rock the Casbah.mp3
07-Guns of Brixton.mp3
10-Police and Theives.mp3
11-Radio Clash.mp3

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D.Y.S. – Love Hall, Philadelphia 5-28-83

Boston Love Hall Show

The DYS show is from Boston Night at Love Hall. SS Decontrol, Jerry’s Kids and F.U.’s played. DYS took its name from the Department of Youth Services.
After DYS broke up. co founder Jonathan Anastas became a founding member of Slapshot. Dave Smalley went on to sing for Dag Nasty, ALL and Down By Law, before founding Don’t Sleep.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – City to City
02 – Circle Storm
03 – Open Up
04 – Insurance Risk
05 – More Than Fashion
06 – Title Unknown
07 – Brotherhood
08 – Wolfpack
09 – (The Girls Got) Limits
10 – Title Unknown
11 – Escape
12 – Stand Proud

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SS Decontrol – Buff Hall, Camden 11-20-82

Buff Hall Flyer

Happy Belated Buff Hall Day (11-20) to all the people lucky enough to have been at that show. I saw lots of fb posts about the anniversary of that show and since I recently got these files (Thanks Brett) I wanted to get this up as soon as I could. So here they are- Boston’s SSD (Society System Decontrol) Live at the famously insane Buff Hall show in Camden. It was an amazing lineup – Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Agnostic Front, along with Crib Death and F.O.D. from Philly. Added to all that it was F.O.D.’s first show ever. It was before my time in Philly and big of my list of shows I regret not being at. Scroll down for links to some great books with first hand stories from the show.

01 – No Reply
02 – Get it Away
03 – Boiling Point
04 – Police Beat
05 – Nothing Done
06 – Glue
07 – Under the Influence
08 – Whos to Judge
09 – How Much Art
10 – Force Down Your Throat
11 – Fight Them
12 – Headed Straight
13 – X – Claim
14 – Fun to You
15 – The End

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For first hand stories about this show and much more get Nancy Barile’s book “I’m Not Holding Your Coat: My Bruises-and-All Memoir of Punk Rock Rebellion” and George Hurchalla’s Going Underground: American Punk 1979–1989.

Also more on the show, including an interview with Ian MacKaye, from the Double Cross online fanzine.

Go Go’s – Emerald City, 8-31-81

Go Go's

The Go Go’s from Emerald City in Cherry Hill. This show was on August of 81 less than 2 months after Beauty and the Beat was released and they got big in the mainstream.

01 – Skidmarks on My Heart
02 – How Much More
03 – Tonite
04 – Fading Fast
05 – London Boys
06 – Cool Jerk
07 – Automatic
08 – Lust to Love
09 – Cant Stop the World
10 – This Town
11 – Vacation
12 – You Cant Walk in Your Sleep (If You Cant Sleep)
13 – Our Lips Are Sealed
14 – Lets Have a Party
15 – We Got the Beat
16 – Surfing and Spying
17 – Beatnik Beach

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No 2 Nippy

No 2 Nippy
No 2 Nippy’s 7 inch Delicious from 1994. Mid 90’s Philly band that that I saw many times including when they opened up for Bikini Kill at a KDU band bash. The band was Kristin Hurst (drums), Jill Macdowell (guitars & vocals) & Tammy Bonn (Vocals & Bass). The side A song  One lil’ Dukie reminds me of one of my favorite bands of that time Babes in Toyland.  Tiny Thumbs is more of a noisy pop song with the 2nd song going back towards the style of the side A song.

A – One lil’ Dukie
B1 – Tiny Thumbs
B2 – Candy

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