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Gone – Live @ Philadelphia Record Exchange 4/19/86

Gone was an instrumental trio put together in 1986 by guitarist Greg Ginn. The group was originally rounded out by Andrew Weiss (bass) and Sim Cain (drums) (formerly in Regressive Aid / Scornflakes After recording 2 albums and touring heavily, Ginn disbanded the group in 1987 to concentrate on running SST Records. Weiss and Cain would soon join the Rollins Band. In the early 1990s,


1) Insidious Detraction
2) Peter Gone
3) Rosanne
4) Last Days Of Being Stepped On
5) Climbing Rat’s Wall
6) Turned Over Stone
10) Left Holding The Bag

Regressive Aid / Scornflakes

Regressive Aid was an instrumental band consisting of Simeon Cain (drums), William Tucker (guitar), and Andrew Weiss (bass guitar). Regressive Aid frequently played at City Gardens, a punk rock club in Trenton, New Jersey.

The band later would become Scornflakes, ultimately the same lineup with the addition of a vocalist (Boy White) and a shift into a sound centered on punk, rather than the jazzy-rock dissonance common in songs by Regressive Aid. Following their termination, all of the members of Regressive Aid would become longtime collaborators in the band Ween.

The members of Regressive Aid were featured as characters in the Matt Howarth comic book The Anti-Chair (1983), the title taken from one of the band’s songs. The band also received a plug in Howarth’s graphic novel WRAB: Pirate Television. Cain and Weiss also played in Gone, a three pieced punk instrumental rock outfit, as well as the Rollins Band, while Tucker went on to perform with Ministry in 1989. All three members spent time performing with the supergroup, Pigface, as well.

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I first discovered Scornflakes at KDU it was only in the last few years I learned of Regressive Aid. Plus I never noticed that members of these bands went on to be Gone, Rollins Band, Pigface, etc. But besides just wanting to play their record because I liked it – the album had a side long side – so it has the secondary use of being a good record to play when you had to run out to the bathroom while doing your show.

Live Tracks from Regressive Aid and Scornflakes

Regressive Aid Live at CBGBs July 1984

Regressive Aid – Effects On Exposed People

Why Settle For Less When You Can Regress

Scornflakes – Scorn In The U.S.A.

Scornflakes – Live at City Gardens 1984 – Plus…

Halo of Flies – Live Khyber Pass 3/15/90

Halo of Flies were Amphetamine Reptile Records kingpin Tom Hazelmyer with in-house engineer Tim MacLaughlin on bass & John Anglim on drums,
This is a live tape from when they played the Khyber on March 15, 1990.
Thanks for the tape files Don Sheluga & the song titles – Christian.

01 – Father Paranoia
02 – Ddt Beat 69
03 – Headburn-How Does it Feel
04 – Garbage Rock
05 – Easy Or Hard
06 – Aint No Hell
07 – Human Fly
08 – No Time
09 – Drunk in Detroit
10 – Ballad of Extreme Hate
11 – One Barrel Spent

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Tar – Live Khyber Pass 2/16/93

The precursor to Tar was a hardcore punk outfit called Blatant Dissent, which formed in DeKalb, Illinois where singer/guitarist John Mohr and drummer Mike Greenlees were attending Northern Illinois University. Joining Mohr and Greenlees in Tar were original bassist Tim Mescher (only until 1991 and who also played for Snailboy), bassist Tom Zaluckyj and guitarist Mark Zablocki. Zaluckyj and Mohr played unique instruments, crafted of aluminum, designed by Ian Schneller of Specimen Products.[2]

The band released albums on the Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go Records labels before disbanding in 1995.
There are 3 different Bandcamp pages to find their releases Amphetamine Reptile years, Touch & go years & Live Releases from the band

Thanks for the Live tape Don Sheluga

01 – Dean Martin
02 – Barry White
03 – Teetering
04 – Unknown
05 – Satritis
06 – Quieter Fellow
07 – Unknown
08 – Giblets
09 – Good Part
10 – Unknown
11 – Lady Steps
12 – Solution 8
13 – Unknown
14 – Theme
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Butthole Surfers – Live from Chestnut Cabaret

3 different Butthole Surfers shows from the Chestnut Cabaret – the first is from one of Don Sheluga’s tapes (Thanks Don) and the other 2 were already up on archive.org
I missed some song titles if anyone can figure out the titles of the ones listed as unknown please let me know.

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 10-21-1989

01 – Unknown
02 – Revolution Part 2
03 – Unknown
04 – Hey
05 – Graveyard
06 – I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Rocky
10 – Gary Floyd
11 – Unknown
12 – Unknown
13 – Tp Parter
14 – Fast
15 – Unknown
16 – Unknown
17 – Sweet Loaf
18 – Booze- Tobacco- Dope- Pussy- Cars

MediaFire Zip of all files

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 11-22-1988

Butthole Surfers Live at Chestnut Cabaret on 1992-06-17

Cows – Live – Khyber shows

One of my all-time favorite bands to see live The Cows, were one of the best of the 90’s Amphetamine Reptile bands. I never taped any of their shows probably so I could just enjoy the show. Luckily Don Sheluga (THANKS) did tape them twice from the Khyber one from November 90 and another from October 92. Sorry I didn’t do that well with the song titles -I’ll try to fix them later.

Live Khyber 11-4-90

01 – Unknown
02 – Almost a God
03 – Big Mickey
04 – Unknown
05 – Hitting the Wall
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Yellowbelly
10 – Unknown
11 – Bum in the Alley
12 – Missing
13 – Low Rider
MediaFire Zip of all files

Live Khyber 10-29-92

01 – Heave Ho
02 – Big Mickey
03 – Cartoon Corral
04 – Unknow
05 – Shithead
06 – Unknow
07 – Unknow
08 – Unknow
09 – Peacetica
10 – Sexy Pee Story
11 – Unknow
12 – Hitting the Wall
13 – Unknow
14 – Unknow
15 – Almost a God
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Here is some video from Pete Sounds of a different time they played the Khyber in May of 92.

9 Fireman 9

9Fireman9 were an industrial noise band from Philly in the early 90’s.  9F9 was Marc Laurick’s band.- Jon Wischmann (Sink Manhatten) played with them too and Steve (King Carcass) said he jammed with them a bit but never played a show with them. Steve remembered them opening for Pussy Galore at the Crypt in West Philly and Jon Spencer heckling them by yelling “Swans rip off” Marc heckled them back with “Sonic Youth rip off”
Besides Tar & Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix (see below) they released two other tapes IHSV & one just called 9 Fireman 9 which was recorded at a show 5-1-87 at the Philadelphia College Of Art. If anyone has these cassettes I’d love to add them to this post.  (Thanks Jackie for the Mundi Mix Tape)

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix



02-No Gen W-O
03-Cheval De Bataille
04-Odi Et Amo
06-Dove Serpent & Pig
07-Shit to the Spirit

MediaFire Zip of all files

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