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Cop Shoot Cop – Khyber 1990 (91?)

Cop Shoot Cop from the Khyber in Philadelphia. The tape did not have a date on it but I’m guessing it was 90 or 91. Their initial line-up included Tod A. (vocals and high-end bass), James Coleman (sampler), Natz (low-end bass, occasional vocals), David Ouimet (sampler) and Phil Puleo (metal, drums). I saw them at least 2 or 3 times in Philly and they always but on a good show. Their early stuff was heavy industrial with heavy Bass, drums, metal and sampling. Later they started to remind my of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while still keeping their own sound. If you want to check out the early stuff go to Psychotic Leisure Music. Currently Todd A has a new band Firewater which has more international and eastern influences and is one of the funnest bands to see currently out there.
Check out Cop Shoot Cop web site

Audio files

01 – Low Com Denom
02 – Discount Rebellion
03 – Schweinhund
04 – Coldest Day of the Year
05 – Shes Like A Shot
06 – Feel Good
07 – Burn Your Bridges
08 – Cameleon Man
09 – Shine On Elizabeth
10 – Empire Collapse

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Pavement – Khyber 7-30-92

Pavement from the Khyber on July 30, 1992. Most of the songs are from Slanted and Enchanted or earlier releases. This might be their first time at the Khyber, I’m not sure. I know it’s not their first time in Philly because I’ve always regretted that I missed them playing outside of the Record Exchange.

One Video from the show I found on Youtube

Audio files

01 – Frontwards
02 – Perfume V
03 – Fame Throwa
04 – Home
05 – Summer Babe
06 – Our Singer
07 – Kentucky Cocktail
08 – Here
09 – Zurich Is Stained
10 – Trigger Cut
11 – Loretta’s Scars

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Dinosaur -Live WKDU Band Bash 05/14/88

Here is the first of my live tapes this one is from a WKDU band bash from May, 14 1988. It was a great show with Scab Cadillac (I plan on putting up their 7″and album sometime later), Bullet LaVolta (from Boston right after their first ep) and Flower (from New York – members of Flower later formed Versus) all opening up for Dinosaur. This show was after You’re Living All Over Me but Pre-Bug and Lou Barlow’s departure. I’m really not sure why I didn’t tape the entire show but at least I have the Dinosaur part. I might have only had one tape with me – I was supposed to interview Dinosaur for KDU but they showed up in a beat up station wagon and barely said a word so I skipped the interview (Plus SST did not tell them about the interview anyway). Here it is:

01 Severed Lips
02 In A Jar
03 Kracked
04 The Lung
05 Lose
06 Does It Float
07 Sludgefeast

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