Mace Canister Recordings’ Bandcamp has released The Heathens Philadelphia
Definitely pick this up on Bandcamp – The Heathens also have two tracks on the Get Off My Back Comp.

1981-1984 Philadelphia band with members of The Stick Men, King of Siam, Informed Sources and the 15 year-old brother of drummer Sky Kishlo .This is a posthumous 30-something song cassette of studio recordings and a live appearance on WXPN-FM Philadelphia entitled “Ladies And Gentlemen,These Are The Heathens” that was made with cover and insert with song titles and liner notes by their late drummer

This release is in loving memory of Beth Ann Lejman and Sky Kishlo.

All monies from paid downloads will be donated to Environmental Working Group by request of Steven Kishlo

Paid downloads include PDF file or original insert with track listing, anyone else can mail for one

Steven Kishlo – vox
Beth Ann Lejman – guitar
Jacy Webster = bass/guitar/vox
Sky Kishlo- drums
Frank Carroll- bass

Studio recordings by Bob Dickie
Live recording WXPN-FM Philadelphia by Michel Polizzi

Heathens flyer