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Husker Du – Live Videos

Husker Du from the West Side Club, they played there twice but I’m pretty sure this is the April 16, 1983 show. The 84 show at the West Side was the Zen Arcade tour and at least in this video they only did a couple of Zen Arcade songs. The rest is from 7″s (In A Free Land), Land Speed Record or Everything Falls Apart. The quality of this video is a little rough at times but I thought it was worth putting up anyway.Go to Husker Du Database for a lot more info.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

The 2nd video is from City Gardens in March of 1984. Thanks to Lenny Crunch (RIP)for this video.

West Side Club, Philadelphia – April 16, 1983

Husker Du – City Gardens March 25,1984

Bob & Grant - West Side CLub
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