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Jekyll & Hyde – Live Firenze Tavern 3-02-91

Jekyll & Hyde featured Garland Monroe from Carnival Of Shame on guitar and vocals. I don’t remember who the other members were. They didn’t release anything but might have recorded a demo. On this live show they are playing some Carnival Of Shame songs plus new stuff.

01 – River Deep Mountain High
01 – Swan Dive
03 – Good Turns Bad
03 – Title Unknown
04 – Title Unknown
05 – the Imposter
06 – Not Undone
07 – Sick of it All
MediaFire Zip of all files

Dirt Search Headlight

Dirt Search Headlight

Dirt Search Headlight – Live Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 1995

Dirt Search Headlight were former members of Red Herring and Carnival of Shame. They played around Philly for a couple of years, recorded some demos but never released anything. Unfortunately I don’t have the whole show tape it was lost it except for this one song.


If you want more you can get their demo on this page. Also some live videos also from the Khyber here

Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

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