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Psychic TV – Live

Psychic TV bargain with Genesis P-Orridge (RIP) and Alex Fergusson (Alternative TV) in 1981 after the break-up of Throbbing Gristle. After they released 17 albums with Allegory and Self (1988) P-Orridge became interested in the burgeoning acid house and techno movements. Alex Fergusson left soon after and was replaced by techno artist Fred Giannelli, They embarked on a long tour of the US and UK in 1988, Europe in 1989 and another long tour of the United States in 1990. These two live tapes where from that tour. (Thanks for the files Don) You can find their music at these two bandcamp sites &

City Gardens, Trenton – June 24 1990

1 – Infinite Beat
2 – Intoxication
3 – Black Rainbow
4 – Forked SMILE.
5 – Deep Space
6 – Horror House
7 – Snowflake
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Chestnut Cabaret – June 26, 1990

1 – Infinite Beat
2 – Black Rainbow
3 – Are You Experienced?
4 – Intoxication
5 – Bliss
6 – Horror House
7 – Snowflake
8 – E – Lusive
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Punkin’Pie Hubbub 1990

What is the Punkin’Pie Hubbub? We still don’t know! But it has something to do with carting a bunch of city slickers through a small town main street, with screeching guitars and freaked-out antics aboard some approximation of a float.

Shot in a variety of formats including 16mm color film, Simon Nagle and I created and recorded this event for a documentary film course at Temple in 1990.

Look for Richard Fravel, Arthur DiFuria, Andrew Clees and Noel Babineau of the Uptown Bones. Also Eric DeJesus, Elizabeth Duby, Tom Miller, Jim Reed, Joe David, and an entourage of Hubbub followers and fans.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy.
—Paul David

The Chills – Live in Philadelphia

The Chills – first up basically it’s just one song from a show in 1990 at JC Dobbs. After Pink Frost you can hear the tour manager ask to stop recording. But I wanted to put it up anyway. (Thanks for the tape Don) But since one song and a partial isn’t very much I added two recent show videos from Youtube. One from the Troc and the other from City Winery.

JC Dobbs – April 18, 1990

01 – Pink Frost
02 – Effloresce and Deliquesce (Patrial)

The Chills – Trocadero Philadelphia,Pa 2-23-19

The Chills – City Winery Philadelphia, Nov 15, 2022 (playlist 6 videos)

The Clean – Live from Johnny Brenda’s 06/06/12

The Clean Live from Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia June 6, 2012.
Just filmed a few songs – some are not complete and I didn’t have a tracklist so they are most likely not in the order they were played. I first heard the Clean (David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour (RIP) & Robert Scott) when kdu got the Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation in the Mid-80s. Although I instantly became a fan of all the bands on the comp and it opened me up to the whole New Zealand scene, the Clean were my favorite. I soon go the compilation not sure if was album or cd at that point and tried to find anything by them. The one problem of discovering this band this way was they had broken up in 1982, so I figured I would never see them. I did manage to see the ex-members current band (ie. The Bats, The Mad Scene and David’s solo bands). Then they reunited and I got to see them at Maxwell’s and then more new music and tours that brought them to Philly. These vidoe clips were shoot on my phone from their show at Johnny Brenda’s. I wasn’t sure I was going to put them up but with the deeply sad passing of Hamish and no other clips that I could find for that show I decided to add them here.

0:00 – 1:59 – Anything Could Happen
2:00 – 4:45 – Fish
4:46 – 7:13 – The Dream Life U Need A Rubber Soul
7:14 – 12:00 – Getting Older
12:01 – 15:17 – Odditty
15:18 – 17:35 – Tally Ho

A Subtle Plague

A Subtle Plague moved to Philly for a while in the mid 80s from upstate New York before moving on to San Francisco. If I remember right the first time I meet them was at an Agitpop show probably at Dobbs. They had just moved here and soon after began playing all the clubs in Philly and very quickly became part of the scene. They had a very unique sound with world-wide influences that was unlike any other local bands at the time. They were defiantly one of my favorite bands to see live at that time. So, I’ve collected three live tapes all from Philly shows – the first two while they were living here and the third from when they returned in 1990. The first is a live tape they released from Bacchanal on October 21st 1987. The 2nd was a Live on WKDU (not sure of the date of this one – also Thanks Jackie & Diego for the tape) The third is from the Khyber on October 22, 1990. (Thanks Don for this one) As a bonus I’ve added a video about A Subtle Plague from Youtube and a couple of flyers, sticker and tape case images below.

Links to the bands releases – Amazon MP3 & Apple Music.

New music is available these days, spawned from the past members of A Subtle Plague under monikers The Durgas featuring Chris & Benji Simmersbach and The Cult Inside My Head with Pat Ryan and Magnus Fleischmann.

Live tape  front
Live tape back

Live Tape (Bacchanal 10-21-87)

01 – Politician
02 – Tourchlight
03 – Hand Sketches View
04 – The Warning Red
05 – 17
06 – Give Your Opinion
07 – Strangest River

Live on WKDU

00 – Soundcheck
01 – Twist
02 – In the City
03 – The Warning Red
04 – All I Can Lose
06 – Politician
07 – Touchlite
08 – Curiously Strange
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Live – Khyber Pass 10-22-90

01 – Love Song
02 – America Shops for Truth
03 – Change in Me
04 – Paper Mountains
05 – Strange Sensation
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – State Auction
09 – Hand Sketches View
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown

Inheritance (1989) A Short film about A Subtle Plague By Alexander Berner


The Nightcrawlers were an electronic trio from Camden, New Jersey who recorded many of their early albums live in band member Tom Gulch’s garage. Their can-do spirit endeared them to many in the underground electronic music scene, and they were featured often in fanzines and underground publications at the time. The band put out three proper LP’s and over 35 self-released cassettes during the ’80s, most of which could be had for $4 at the time.

I was introduced to Nightcrawlers by a roommate when I was living in the KDU house on Woodland Ave. Syd did a show that was mostly experimental and psychedelic music. At the time I wasn’t that much into that kind of music but there was something about the Nightcrawlers that I really liked and it broadened my interest in  more experimental stuff. I wish I had gone to see them live and would have bought at least some of their self released tapes. (Of course to buy all their tapes I would have had to spend a lot more time in the Ivy Labs whirlpool testing sunscreens.) I did manage to record the lps from KDU and they are below. Also included is a recent comp release made up from those tapes that is available on Bandcamp. Plus a youtube verison of their live tape from St Marys.

Nightcrawlers – Space Ritual at St Mary’s (1986)

The Biophonic Boombox Recordings

Nightcrawlers LP Cover
Nightcrawlers Back LP Cover

Nightcrawlers LP (1984)

01 – Traveling Backwards
02 – Tanzwut
03 – Modulus Four
04 – Spring Torsion

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Nightcrawlers Spacewalk cover
Nightcrawlers Spacewalk Back cover

Spacewalk LP (1985)

01 – Digitalis
02 – Ombra
03 – November Evening
04 – Spacewalk Parts 1-3
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Nightcrawlers Shadows of Light Cover
Nightcrawlers Shadows of Light Back Cover

Shadows Of Light LP (1987)

01 – In a Distant Corridor / Interlude I / Glimmer
02 – Particle Dance / Interlude II / Shadows of Light
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The Excuses – Live videos

Video of the Excuses one from what looks like a tv studio and the 2nd part is from the Starlight Ballroom. Excuses where an early 80’s punk band from Philly with Flippo (Thanks for the videos) on Guitar, Becky Wreck (Lunachicks, Blare Bitch Project, Dirty Cakes, La Muerte) on drums, Bebe (Homo Picnic) on bass, Lisa was the singer, and the other guitarist was named Tim (I will try to get more info on the band members) Other Excuses Videos from an appearance on a public access cable show Music Menu in 1981/82. Also here is a She’s a Punk podcast with Becky Wreck.

The Excuses – Live from a TV studio and the Starlight Ballroom

Sebadoh – Live Princeton NJ 1993

This was one of the last live tapes I made with my walkman – it died shortly after this show. This was a show if I remember right that was at a WPRB dj’s house or parent’s house.
I’m not sure if I ever knew who’s house it was. We just pilled into a friends car and saw them in this strange setting of a upper middle class house in Princeton NJ. It’s pretty hard to hear the vocals but I wanted to put this up anyway. I hope the band doesn’t mind.

01 – Instrumental.mp3
02 – Unknown.mp3
03 – Soul and Fire.mp3
04 – 2 Years.mp3
05 – Beauty of the Ride.mp3
06 – Together Or Alone.mp3
07 – Unknown.mp3
08 – Not Too Amused.mp3
09 – Sister.mp3
10 – Riding (Palace).mp3
11 – License to Confuse.mp3
12 – Rebound.mp3
13 – The Freed Pig.mp3
14 – Dreams.mp3
15 – Homemade.mp3

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Mermen – Live North Star Bar

The Mermen are an American instrumental rock band from San Francisco, California formed in 1989.[1][2] They have since moved to Santa Cruz, California.

The group’s sound was originally rooted in surf and psychedelic rock music of the 1960s, although they have made “sincere attempts to get away from the surf music label”[3] and currently delve into many genres, mainly driven by the melodic visions of the band’s founder, songwriter, and guitarist Jim Thomas. The band’s music is entirely instrumental and “does a good job of defying description”.[3] The Mermen perform as a power trio: electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, with occasional guests for live concerts.

From Wikipedia

2 Live tapes from the North Star Bar from early 2000’s -Sorry I didn’t get the song titles,. Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the tapes.

North Star Bar – June 21 2001

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
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North Star Bar – June18, 2003

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
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Del-Lords – Live in Philly 1986

In New York in the mid-‘80s, four veteran New York musicians united to form the Del-Lords: Scott Kempner from the Dictators, Eric Ambel from Joan Jett’s Blackhearts, future Cracker drummer Frank Funaro and thundering bassist Manny Caiati. Key songwriter Kempner said his vision “was to create a band that would feature four singers performing my songs — an East Coast Beach Boys if you will.” But rather than singing about girls and cars, the Del-Lords sang about things that mattered to them: the everyday grind of life and how it affected the band and those around them.
Greateful Web

Chestnut Cabaret 12-16-1986

01 – Tru Love
02 – Heaven
03 – How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live
04 – Cheyanne
05 – Against My Will
06 – St Jake
07 – Johnny 99
08 – Get Tough
09 – I Play the Drums
10 – No Waitress No More

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Tower Theater 1986

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