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Mikey Wild – Solo & Wild Savage Cassettes

Mikey Wild the Mayor of South Street. (who very sadly died in May 2011) was a Punk Before You Were Punk, Punk.  Mikey was a legend and you could usually find him at the Italian Market or South Street.  I wish I had bought a few of his superhero inspired art pieces now. These two tapes I believe are from early to mid 80’s  – one is a live solo tape and the other is an early demo from Mikey Wild & the Mess. For more  on Mikey check out the documentary – I Was Punk Before You Were… (Youtube links below)

Mikey Wild – Solo

01 – Viincent Price Wasn’t Very Nice
02 – I Am the Crucifier
03 – Where Are You By the River Today

MediaFire Zip of all files

Mikey Wild & the Mess – Wild Savage Demo

01 – Die Die Die
02 – Are You Used to It
03 – Danger Zone
04 – Time is Now

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Mikey Wild – I Was Punk Before You Were… Part 1

Mikey Wild – I Was Punk Before You Were… Part 2

Mikey Wild – I Was Punk Before You Were… Part 3

Mikey Wild – (Revival) Philadelphia,Pa 3.12.93

YDI – live WKDU 1983

Formed in the early 80’s (and still going today) Philly legends YDI live @ the WKDU band bash – Drexel Quad, Philadelphia-PA October 1st, 1983

Recorded by John Coffey

Half Japanese – WKDU Band Bash

Half Japnese from a WKDU Band Bash on August 15th, 1987, that was on the top of a Drexel parking garage. More Fiends and Honeymoon Killers opened for them. It was the show were someone walked through a glass door. Besides from that it was a great crowd and all the bands were amazing that day. Found this on Archive and I had to share it. This is just the Half Japanese set.
– Jad Fair
– Don Fleming
– Mark Jickling
– TBD (Jay Spiegel or Rick Dreyfuss)

Stinkbomben – Live on WKDU

Stinkbomben Live on WKDU – May 19, 1988 – We think it was on Jackie’s show and Produced by Diego.  Thanks for the tape  and pictures Bill
Stinkbomben was:
Steve Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rotgut, Rear Admiral) – Vocals,
Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Rotgut, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral), – guitar, vocals
Brian Sussman (Bad Ronald, Tons of Nuns) – bass,
Rockbottom Rob (Mothra, Blue Train, Rockula, Beretta 76, Creem Circus) – drums.

01 – Quiet the World
02 – Stinkbomben Theme
03 – Bread and Butter
03 – Brown Sugar
04 – I Dont Want to Go Down to the Basement
05 – Masocist
06 – Mongolode
07 – Disturbing the Police
08 – Desperate Dejects and Stones
09 – Keep Your Distance
10 – One Step Closer
11 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Bunnydrums- Reunion Show 2006

Bunnydrums reunion show from 2006 at World Cafe Live.
The summer of 2006, Frank Marr and I started to play live shows again with Marc Laurick (bass; 9 Fireman 9, Certain General, King Britt, Byard Lancaster), Howard Harrison (guitar; Martin Bisi) and Michael Mongiello (drums; Scareho). It was Marc Laurick that engineered the return of the band to play live again and we continued to do shows for about another ten years, until Marc’s untimely passing away. In that period, we shared the stage with the Bush Tetras, Certain General, Pure Hell, Richard Lloyd, Stan Ridgway, Note Killers and others. These shows were a lot of fun to play, at one-point Marc arranged to have the great avant-garde saxophonist, Byard Lancaster to sit in with us which was a trip. Greg Davis, Bunnydrums’ original bass player and Joe Ankenbrand (drums), unfortunately, were not available to participate in this reunion. – from the Last Day Deaf interview
Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the audio.

01 – Boundaries
02 – Deep in the Heart
03 – Shiver
04 – Closed Eyes
05 – Frozen Hands
06 – Unknown
07 – TV Eye

MediaFire Zip of all files

Suktub – Live on WKDU

Live on Marina’s show from March 7, 1997. Suktub was Roger Bodine (Grisly Fiction, Underraga, DTO) on bass and vocals, John Malloy on guitar and vocals and Jeremy Sustare (Grisly Fiction, Underraga, Skeeter & the Itch) on drums.

00 – Intro
01 – When the Chevy Breaks
02 – Son of Sevenless
03 – Needle
04 – Whiskey Biscuit
05 – Cathartic
06 – Space Beetle
07 – Idiot Child
08 – Cultivate the Culture
09 – Safety Glass
10 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Scab Cadillac – Live

2 Scab Cadillac Live shows from 1989 and some Flyers & Pictures
(The live  pictures are not form either of these shows – they are from a Troc show.) Thanks for the tapes Jackie.

Scab Cadillac Press Kit

Live – JC Dobbs 6-19-89

01 – Pious Hatred
02 – Ring
03 – Twenty-Four Stories
04 – Explain This
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Engine 11
08 – Gaza Strip Tease
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Live – Khyber Pass 6-3-89

01 – Explain This
02 – Tentry Four Stories
03 – Engine11-Stupid Flu
04 – Unknown
05 – Gaza Strip Tease
06 – Forgotten Children
07 – Poor Mans Boots
08 – Land of the Who- Home of the What
09 – Driver
10 – Boogie Man
11 – Driver
MediaFire Zip of all files

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