Legitimate Reason

This is Legitimate Reason demo tape I’m guessing from 1986 or 1987? They also put out a 7″ on Plus Records that I know I had at one time but it is gone. They were a band that played it seemed like a lot of shows for a short time but also the members of the band seemed to be at every show, party, etc. Dan & Jon are in The Mojo Machine. If I get more info on what the former members of this band did after or are doing currently I’ll update the post. Meanwhile below are the demo tracks which include a cover of Let it Be and the last untitled thing is not really a song just something that was on the end of the tape. There is a mediafire zip link if you want to get it all.

A1 Stubborn Man
A2 Can’t Go Back
A3 Fool
A4 Killing Time
B2 Puppy Dick
B2 Something Inside
B3 Let It Be
B4 untitled

MediaFire Zip

Legitimate Reason Legitimate Reason